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Four Scythes Haunted Attraction is a Haunted Attraction located in Cumming, GA.

235 Castleberry Road, Cumming, GA 30040
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This attraction was reviewed on October 18, 2019 by Team NecronomaPeach.

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Final Score: 8.64

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Did you dare to drink the water? At the Cumming Scare Fair that is the question that haunts the halls of this scary attraction. This is the debut year of the Cumming Scare Fair, and we hope they have many years to come because they blew our minds. This haunt is on the Cumming Fairgrounds which does a nearly miraculous transformation in just three days from the regular annual Cumming Fair to The Scare Fair. What these people were able to do in that short amount of time deserves a round of applause, and they got it from our group because this haunt was astounding. This is a charity haunt where all proceeds go to Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. The amount of people and groups that have banded together to create this haunt is inspiring, and we are eager to tell all of our friends, families, and readers about the Cumming Scare Fair!

Cast: 8.25

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The Cumming Scare Fair had an amazing cast. It’s hard to believe that these people were volunteers, most of whom had little to no acting experience. All of the characters were unique individuals within the story being told. The cast portraying these characters really brought their guests into the world they were building around them. The actors were interactive, passionate, and very convincing in the characters they were portraying. While the types of characters were constrained to the story being told, the haunt still achieved a large variety of types of characters. As guests go through the haunt, they meet workers, doctors, homeless people, infected people, the military, and even animals that have been infected. The acting within this haunt created all of these different types of characters with vivid details.

Costuming: 8.55

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The Cumming Scare Fair had extreme attention to detail throughout their haunt and that was especially evident in their costuming. Each character had a unique look and feel to them, and as the attraction progressed, so did the extent of the infections on the people. It made the effect of this being a breakout feel more authentic. The characters’ clothes, despite their level of infection, also told the attendees of the attraction about who the characters were before being infected. Our group stayed after the haunt was closed to meet the cast and crew, and even in the full lights of the actor camp, the characters were fully developed just by their look. There was a little girl who was clearly out camping that had newly fallen victim, and her clothes said that she was a fun girl who would be the kind of friendly neighborhood girl. There was a man wearing a trash bag and ragged clothes; clearly a homeless person before the outbreak. And every human character was like that. Then there was the masks! One of the masks they used was a river creature with no face, just a giant sharp-toothed mouth (kind of like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things) and it was absolutely terrifying!

Customer Service: 8.9

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The Cumming Scare Fair has an in-depth theme, and they have been proudly telling everyone about it. Information on this attraction is super easy to find as they have an amazeballs website with five story building advertising videos and an active social media team. The crew manning the attractions are warm, friendly, and welcoming. Everyone we encountered was happy and smiling and loving the goodness they were doing. The attraction was easy to find as the GPS takes people straight there, and once on-site everything is well labeled and well lit. It would be pretty difficult to not be able to find something, but if you are confused the helpful staff are everywhere and clearly marked to answer any questions.

Atmosphere: 8.5

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At The Cumming Scare Fair great acting wasn’t just within the haunt but also outside in the queue line. Actors in intricate costumes roamed the line and they even had a chainsaw-wielding madman chasing people throughout the midway. There were also great opportunities for pictures as they had signs and a spooktacular light-up car to pose with. Music played fun songs as one of the line characters (Jeb) even went over to dirty dance. It was hilarious! As customers approach the entrance for the haunt’s creepy facade, they are greeted by the lovely Amber Haze who is the channel thirteen news reporter who has been covering the ‘outbreak.’ This is the beginning of the story for customers and prepares them for the haunt.

Special Effects: 8.48

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The Cumming Scare Fair had some mind-blowing special effects. Every scene was carefully put together with a great lighting aspect to invoke emotions. There were a few scenes that actually felt like we had gone outside. The junkyard and the campground were so authentic, our group was looking around to see if we could see stars in the sky. The laser swamp was also very well done with just the right amount of fog to make it effective. But our all-time favorite scene was the ending with the decontamination screening. Unfortunately, there was a little issue where the fog machines set off the fire alarms of the building, so we couldn’t hear some of the sound effects. But even without sounds, the effects were great at setting the scenes and occasionally scaring us.

Theme: 9.4

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The Cumming Scare Fair had a story to tell, and boy did they tell it. The theme is abundantly clear, and even without watching the 5 videos on their website, people can tell what it is. The storytelling begins at the entrance with walking into the Cumming Water Authority. Then the theme is expanded with the safety video that goes over the rule of the haunt as if these are the rules of visiting the CWA. From the moment people walk through the door at the entrance to the haunt, the theme is set and it stays set. The lengths which are taken to tell the story are impressive, and since the story is set in Cumming, GA, it feels very authentic. Our group has never seen such a well-told theme within a haunt and we were extremely impressed!

Scare Factor: 8.78

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The Cumming Scare Fair was a truly scary haunt for our group, which is impressive. There were several times when we anticipated one scare but they provided another. This made their haunt unpredictable and more scary. Also, their actors had their timing on lock. One actress (Hannah) waited for the perfect time to activate her attack dog. She lured our group into thinking that she was just going to be creepy, then, BAM, she got us with the jump scare of a lifetime! The most effective and universal scare, though, was the end when they screened us for the outbreak and separated us. Then we each got a different scare. We have found that nothing is scarier for people than getting split up from their groups.

Entertainment & Value: 8.83

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The Cumming Scare Fair is a great time all around. Not only is the main haunted attraction so very good, but they have a midway stocked with entertainment. Acrobats swing from the roof, character actors stalk the area, and there are several vendors there for food and merchandise options. They have a live DJ playing party music and they had a kiddie area setup if people wanted to come pay $5.00 to just experience the midway without the haunt. Tickets for the haunt were $15.00 or $25.00 for the fast pass. The haunt took our group just under 15 minutes to go through at a relatively quick pace, so the minutes per dollar is 1.0 which is a good ratio.

The Cumming Scare Fair was so much fun from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. People should go see it before it’s gone this year, especially since the proceeds go to charity. Our group could not more highly recommend this haunt and we really hope it’s around for years to come!

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