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Wildwood Sanitarium

Wildwood Sanitarium is a Paranormal [1898] in Salamanca, NY.


71 Prospect Ave
Salamanca, NY 14779

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About This Place:


A sign located on the property reads; (1909) “The sanitarium and bathhouse is now open and for the treatment of all conditions except infectious and contagious diseases. We have endeavored to make the conditions inside the house as pleasant as possible and will try to give each patient individual attention.”

Laurie is the owner of the Wildwood Sanitarium and has owned the location for about three years. She didn’t know it even existed before she was referred to it by a man at a gas station. She visited the location and loved it so much she purchased it. Purchased in 1903, It became a sanitarium in 1906. The location was purchased by two doctors who had met at an Osteopathic College. County records record that the building was built in 1900, but through renovation discovery, Laurie has discovered the location used gaslighting and has even recovered square and rectangular nails that date back to the 1800s.

The Sanitarium operated until 1923 when the location was forced to open as a tuberculosis clinic to serve the town. Thereafter the owner operated it as an osteopathic hospital clinic. The location was used for holistic natural healing and used modern therapies like UV light, electric battery baths, and bone stretching to name a few.

In its heyday, the Wildwood Sanitarium was advertised as “the only Osteopathic Infirmary and the first and only osteopathic institution in the state of New York. Not a fashionable resort, but a place to heal”. Step back into the 1800s and book your tour today!

Open for ghost tours, special events, and private investigations!


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