Top Must-See Haunts in Connecticut

Top Must-See Haunts in Connecticut

Here are the Top Must-See Haunts in Connecticut.

Top Must-See Haunts in Connecticut

2018 Top Must-See Haunts in Connecticut

In the summer of 2018, fans like you had the chance to vote for their favorite Halloween haunted attractions. We’ve tallied the results and created a list of the Top Must-See Haunts in Connecticut. For a full list of every haunt in Connecticut, visit our Connecticut Haunted House Directory. For a list of reviews for Connecticut haunted houses from our pro review teams, click here.

*Disclaimer: These results do not reflect The Scare Factor’s official views regarding the quality of the attractions listed. The order in which they are shown was determined solely by the number of legitimate votes that we received during our poll. For more details, click here.

The Haunted Isle

#10: The Haunted Isle

(East Haven, CT)

The Haunted Isle takes place at the Shoreline Trolley Museum and is “rated S for spooky!” The attraction is not recommended for anyone under the age of 10. Your journey will begin on a short trolley car ride that will drop you off at the Isle itself. You will make your way through an unlit trail through the woods where many things are awaiting your arrival.

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The Dark Manor Haunted House

#9: The Dark Manor Haunted House

(Baltic, CT)

“Will you face what lies ahead” at The Dark Manor? For the 2018 season they will be offering The Manor, The Graveyard and The Catacombs for all thrill seekers brave enough to take on multiple haunted attractions.

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Trail of Terror

#8: Trail of Terror

(Wallingford, CT)

For the 2018 season, “Fear Takes root” at Trail of Terror. This haunted event is produced by Scare Crew Productions, a non-profit organization. The trail staffing is made up entirely of volunteers and proceeds from the scares benefit the Trail of Terror Foundation in order to provide financial aid in their surrounding communities.

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#7: Creeperum

(Hamden, CT)

The Creeperum consists of many fantastic, creepy and horrific oddities from all around the world and they are ready to grab you to drag you off into the darkness! There are many secrets hiding here. If you’re not careful, our emotions will turn into fear. “Creeperum will push your senses to their limits!”

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Haunt on Eden

#6: Haunt on Eden

(Southington, CT)

2018 marks Haunt on Eden‘s 6th season of haunting. This will also be their first year of doing a professional haunted house instead of the home haunt that they have held for the past 5 years. This extremely passionate crew is very excited to show everyone their tricks for the 2018 season. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on their transformation and opening information.

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Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce

#5: The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce

(Bristol, CT)

The Haunted Graveyard is known as “New England’s Largest Halloween Attraction” and will be opening on September 28th, 2018. When it’s Halloween at the Graveyard, the ghouls will come out and you will face many unimaginable things from a vampire’s haunt and witch’s lair to a misty lake and an ancient temple.

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Nightmare Acres

#4: Nightmare Acres

(South Windsor, CT)

Nightmare Acres is a haunted attraction taking place in the dark woods “where nightmares become reality.” Are you brave enough to face your fears this October?

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Fright Haven

#3: Fright Haven

(Stratford, CT)

Fright Haven offers 20,000 square feet of indoor scares that will be opening their doors in September for the 2018 season. They will be featuring new scares and events this year. We don’t know all of the 2018 details yet but we do know that “you’ll be too scared to scream!”

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Evidence of Evil

#2: Evidence of Evil

(Southington, CT)

Are you ready to experience “TRUE Fear?” Evidence of Evil is unleashing a brand new haunted attraction at Crystal Bees in Southington. The information? “No escape. No time limit. No puzzles. Just pure terror.” Will you be strong enough to survive? Many haunt-seekers have shown interest in wanting to attend this attraction this season including our Professional Review Team, Team Old Crow Hollow so we can’t wait to get some feedback on this new attraction!

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Legends of Fear

#1: Legends of Fear

(Shelton, CT)

Legends of Fear at Fairview Tree Farm offers multiple attractions at their single, farm location. If you want to go to a haunt that dwells on a real farm with real woods and real fears, this is your place!

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