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Piedmont Avenue Pumpkin Patch

Piedmont Avenue Pumpkin Patch is a Haunted Attraction located in Oakland, CA.

Piedmont Avenue Pumpkin Patch


4414 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611

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About This Attraction:

Haunt Types:



The Haunted House Has 2 Options:

This is for younger kids (and scaredadults) who want to prove their bravery by going through a haunted house. We turn on lights and shut off the creatures. This is the version we put on for the school groups who come by.

Enter through the hallway through moving portraits on the wall. A cold shudder trickles down your spine. Glancing around nervously, a monstrous voice seemingly penetrates your very being. Through the darkness you believe you see eerie shadows on the walls. As you walk forward, you can’t help but feel that someone is following you. Wait… is that coffin lid rising?? You move along, then , you turn the corner and see a crib. What is happening? The voice in your head says ‘Turn Back!’ , yet you push on.

You enter a long dark hallway and you just know something horrible is about to happen. “Should I turn around?” . Fear settles in and deep down you know you’re not alone in the dark. Something sweeps against your ankles. You turn, but there is nothing. Nothing you can see, that is. Ahead, you cannot see around that corner yet you know there is something lurking there. “Wait… did I tell my family I loved them before my fate is decided around that bend?” Well, here goes….


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