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QC Haunted Forest

“The Terror Returns”

QC Haunted Forest is a Haunted Attraction located in Port Byron, IL.


3501 207th Street North
Port Byron, IL 61275

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About This Attraction:

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You are invited to a VIP only tour of the top secret QCHF International containment facility. QCHF has been performing genetic tests development of animal and human subjects in order to weaponize these beings for military use. Your visit starts with at outpost APL (in our main building) where you will be checked in and briefed. From there, you will be taken by transport vehicle to the outdoor gates of the 207N containment site. You will see first hand the amazing developments our team of scientists have made. That is until a security breach causes all hell to break lose. You will find yourself alone, deep in the wooded site, where fear takes a hold. Should you make it successfully to the transport rendezvous site, our recovery team will transport you back to APL Outpost. You can celebrate your survival at the outpost with drinks and snacks. We’re waiting for you…

Note: Our transport vehicle into the forest is a hayrack and the attraction is not handicap accessible. IF YOU MAKE IT THROUGH YOU WILL FINISH YOU’RE JOURNEY ON THE HAY RACK RIDE AND BROUGHT BACK TO THE PARKING LOT.

The QC Haunted Forest will also be offering several indoor activities: Group photos, snacks, hot and cold beverages as well as a Full Bar. Come Early – Stay Late!


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