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Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction

Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction is a Haunted Attraction located in Central City, IA.


201 Central City Road, Central City, IA 52214

Special Directions:Located at the Linn County Fairgrounds

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About This Attraction:

Haunt Types:

Multiple Haunts


Don’t get lost
Follow the clowns and enter Socko’s Funhouse – our newest maze attraction! Environmental effects like strobe lights and fog make this a very difficult maze to complete, and clowns don’t like to help you at all. Don’t make a wrong turn, you’ll be lost inside forever… with a bunch of clowns!

WARNING: This attraction is a real maze! You WILL get lost! You will be teased by the clowns! It’s filled with FOG, **loud** music, flashing lights, the characters are more offensive, and the ground may be soggy (is that blood?). Pandemonium is a great(!) time, but we ask that you be aware of these features in case you’re a total wuss. We’d much prefer that you don’t even go in than have to get one of the clowns or jesters to help you out of the maze because you’re traumatized like a little child. Whatever, fool. Good luck.

Frightmare Forest is Back from the dead…
The year was 2009. We killed and buried Frightmare Forest as we knew it. It just wasn’t willing to die. For many years Frightmare Forest would haunt our dreams. It gasped for air in passing conversations. People would ask, but we didn’t want to talk about such a sordid and dark past. Every year that passed seemed to give Frightmare Forest added strength – added will to survive. In June of 2017 Frightmare Forest was ravaged by a tornado and was killed again… but all evil things rise back to the surface! Frightmare Forest is back from the dead, AGAIN!

It doesn’t look like the Frightmare Forest it used to be. This time, it’s a lot more raw… dirtier and darker. Perhaps a bit more sinister. There are a lot natural dangers hunting us in the forest. Creatures. Creatures that hide in bushes, burrow into trees, and creep along under the cover of night, pierced only by moonlight. And all of that was before *we* got involved.

Can you navigate the dark? Can you make the right choices to find your way through the damp, fall night? Will you let Frightmare Forest consume a little more of your energy and soul?

Only time will tell.


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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 10 out of 10

Freddy – 10/10October 26, 2019
TONS OF FUN! My Girlfriend peed her pants. It’s was a chilly ride home for her.

Tamra – 10/10October 25, 2014
Nice indoor maze haunt. Great characters. Scary rooms.lots of character interaction!

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