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Haunted Montrose is a Haunted Attraction located in Montrose, GA.

1728 2nd Street, Montrose, GA 31065
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This attraction was reviewed on October 25, 2019 by Team NecronomaPeach.

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Final Score: 7.89

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Creepy nurses, psychedelic clowns, and hungry cannibals combine to create a wild experience known as the Haunted Montrose. Travel south of Atlanta and keep going until in the middle of nowhere and people will find this scary gem where their nightmares can take life. This haunt has a scare for everyone and an overall fun experience to partake in. From the top-down, the management, cast, and crew are all there to entertain their customers with their enthusiastic acting and well-created sets. With four different experiences, Haunted Montrose really showed off their prowess in executing multiple scares, themes, and characters.

Haunted Montrose: 7.86
Havoc 3D: 8.18
Rave: 7.33
Old Slaughterhouse: 8.18

Cast: 7.54

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The Haunted Montrose had a wide variety of characters for their cast to perform across their four haunts. Throughout our visit, we first encountered the mad doctors and dentists within the Haunted Montrose plague area. Our doctor who initiated us in the haunt rules and her trusty nurse who was just so creepy set the tone of the first haunt. Next, we encountered the neon clowns within Havoc 3D which left us in awe of how wild the actors could be. Tootles was a treasure to behold and we are still sorry about her puppy. Rave was our third destination and we met the boys, there to get our group ready for the uprising. The boys were so energetic that they were literally climbing the walls, however, the music was too loud to hear any dialogue. Once we escaped the Rave, we were ushered into the Old Slaughterhouse. This haunt was a great mashup of rednecks and cannibals. We met the very creepy twins who had their area dialogue and timing down to a science. We also met Kyle who was ready to serve up a delicious dinner. The cast of The Haunted Montrose made several characters who were very memorable.

Haunted Montrose: 7.48
Havoc 3D: 8.0
Rave: 6.8
Old Slaughterhouse: 7.88

Costuming: 7.95

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The Haunted Montrose has a clearly very thorough makeup and costuming crew. All of their characters were made up as an individual and have a full set of makeup and costuming.

In The Haunted Montrose haunt, the characters were made up from head to toe. The costumes were sickly and creepy and fit in with the plague motif. Havoc 3D had artistic costumes using neon paints and neon costumes. The images that the characters create were disorienting and wildly fun because it was sometimes hard to tell whether there was a person or just a 3D art piece on the walls. In Rave, the costumes were a post-apocalyptic feel with grungy attire. With the thick fog, it was kinda hard to tell what the costumes were or make out the details. The ‘boys’ were wildly dressed which could be seen once they were up close and personal. In entering the Old Slaughterhouse, we found a ton of cannibals dressed in their bloody, hick bests. The costumes were well detailed and made the characters seem more authentic.

Haunted Montrose: 8.28
Havoc 3D: 8.4
Rave: 7.0
Old Slaughterhouse: 8.23

Customer Service: 8.65

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Show CS Scores

The Haunted Montrose definitely loves to have their customers enjoy themselves. The staff along the whole grounds are very friendly and helpful. They were good at communicating with each other via radio and with their customers. Their staff was well marked and were even giving tips on how to get the most from the haunts.

Our GPS took our group to the signs which led us the rest of the way to the haunt. The Haunted Montrose has a website and participates in several social media networks. While we kinda wish their themes and each attraction was discussed in more detail on their site, they had their pertinent information readily available.

Haunted Montrose: 8.65
Havoc 3D: 8.65
Rave: 8.65
Old Slaughterhouse: 8.65

Atmosphere: 8.4

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Show Atm Scores

The Haunted Montrose was very clearly a haunt upon first glance with really nifty props (like a tank) and some fun character actors. There were also great locations to take pictures with said line actors. Those line actors, while not directly related to the haunts, had a similar motif with a clown and a cannibalistic guy wearing a skin mask.

Right before entering any of the buildings is a character actor who goes over the safety rules of the haunts and introduces the theme, which allows for a more seamless transition from the queue line to haunt.

Haunted Montrose: 8.40
Havoc 3D: 8.4
Rave: 8.4
Old Slaughterhouse: 8.4

Special Effects: 7.85

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Show Sfx Scores

The Haunted Montrose had a ton of special effects making for great settings and some fun spooks. The Haunted Montrose haunt had some chilling settings with eerie sounds and had a very hectic atmosphere created by barrels and cages and weird writings on the walls. The settings embodied the chaos of a newly arisen plague.

In Havoc 3D, it was all about the blacklight reactive, 3D paintings. The art behind those sets was amazing and then to make the 3D immersion more of a 4D they had textured floors. The sizes of the sets also aided in the effect of the areas, with giant blocks causing the guests to feel like the world had gone a bit wonky. Our team also greatly appreciated the ramp with flashing black light and the bungee cord obstacle course to go through.

Rave leaned heavily on their loud sounds, heavy fog, and bright lights to make the whole haunt. These effects were effective, though perhaps a bit overdone. Our group was definitely disoriented, especially with the few switchbacks that made us worried that it was a true maze instead of a path.

Old Slaughterhouse had, by far, the most authentic setting of the four attractions. One of our team members kept commenting that he’d been to a real place just like it. From the very beginning with the meat factory’s swinging meat to the end with the bus you actually go through, we enjoyed the settings. All of the sets were tight, claustrophobic and almost reminiscent of a hoarders episode. The dog also really got one of our group members with a great jump scare.

Haunted Montrose: 7.8
Havoc 3D: 8.28
Rave: 6.93
Old Slaughterhouse: 8.4

Theme: 7.84

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Show Theme Scores

The Haunted Montrose haunts had a wide variety of themes. Their first haunt was a plague-like theme, but it was executed differently than any plague theme we had seen in the past. The emphasis on crazed doctors and nutty dentists was a very different take. We kinda lost the story being told, but the consistency of plague-ridden people and the medical people was fun.

Havoc 3D had a clear theme at the beginning with the wild circus of neon clowns. The graveyard and the junkyard areas were really cool, especially with the neon and the bungee corded actors, however, it was kind of confusing how it played in with the clowns. But with the transition hallways, it wasn’t too jarring of a change of theme and it felt like we were being teleported to other neon universes.

The Old Slaughterhouse was very solid on their theme and committed with intricate sets and great acting that all flowed seamlessly. It was a community of back-water hillbilly cannibals and they committed to that role. We heard some great dialogue that fit with the theme. Our group really appreciated the set with the Sudafed cartons everywhere, which shows some extreme commitment that not everyone walking through would have understood.

Haunted Montrose: 6.8
Havoc 3D: 8.55
Rave: 7.0
Old Slaughterhouse: 9.0

Scare Factor: 7.02

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The Haunted Montrose was a set of fun and spooky experiences with a myriad of scares to spook all. Actors creeped out and jumped out at our group. There was a bit of a focus of the front and back of the group making the middle of the group get a hilarious show as their friends got scared.

By far, some of our favorite scares happened in the Old Slaughterhouse with the puppy jump scare and the twins being super creepy. Havoc 3D also had a great setup of scares with the very first clown’s jump scare being very effective. Whether scared or not, our group had a fun-filled time.

Haunted Montrose: 6.85
Havoc 3D: 7.28
Rave: 6.5
Old Slaughterhouse: 7.45

Entertainment & Value: 8.23

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Show EV Scores

The Haunted Montrose is a great value both within the haunt and outside of the haunt. All four attractions are one ticket at $22.00 for regular admission and $32.00 for fast pass at the ticket booth. They offer a discount if the fast pass ticket is ordered online.

The total time for all attractions was 30 minutes at a steady pace. This means the minutes per dollar rate was 1.36 which is definitely a decent stat.

In the midway area, The Haunted Montrose has palm readings, souvenirs, photo opportunities, and a no scare zone to allow for people who don’t want to get scared to wait for their people. Our group had a great time in and outside of the haunts at The Haunted Montrose with the highly dedicated cast and crew and we look forward to seeing them again!

Haunted Montrose: 8.38
Havoc 3D: 8.38
Rave: 7.93
Old Slaughterhouse: 8.23

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