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Kreepy Hollow is a Haunted Attraction located in Bishopville, SC.

1251 Joe Dority Road, Bishopville, SC 29010
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Free Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Food/Concessions, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, “Old-School” (Low Tech), You will NOT be touched, Movie Characters, Original Characters, Celebrity Appearances, Uncovered Outdoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction

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This attraction was reviewed on October 18, 2019 by Team Jefferson Starship.

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Final Score: 8.17

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Visitors to Kreepy Hollow are in for an intense night of scares as they enjoy the haunt’s bus ride, cemetery walk, multi-story haunted house, and hayride back to the front entrance. Clowns, zombies, classical movie monsters, and more wait for you in the halls, aisles, and trails of this massive event. Buried in the wilderness of Bishopville, South Carolina this multi-phase haunt has been scaring guests for over a decade. Prepare for a long night of screams at this legendary Southern haunt.

With a number of updates this year to the house and hayride make sure that you return to the halls/trails/bus of Kreepy Hollow to see all the changes that they’ve made!

Cast: 7.96

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Roughly 80 actors move throughout the various parts of the haunt, and there is no shortage of monsters to face throughout a visit to Kreepy Hollow. Actors here really put their all into scaring their victims, and the effort shows in every scream and every person sent running scared.

It cannot be understated how physically demanding the position of Kreepy Hollow haunter is. Our team is constantly impressed by the monsters weaving in and out of the bus as they work the length of the vehicle. Inside the house a Nun loomed large over the scenery as our crew tried to slide past to safety. A voodoo practitioner managed to transport us further South to the bayou with his chants and shouts. Once you reach the concessions stage outside of the house, it’s highly recommended that you stay and enjoy the show of the highly athletic clean up crew outside as well. While enjoying hot chocolate and a funnel cake, our team watched two clownish lunatics energetically chase a number of screaming guests all the way back to the cemetery.

The final leg of Kreepy Hollow holds up to the bar set earlier with a number of Colonial era actors delivering a terrifying speech, a zombie that made the most inhuman sounds and movements we had seen all weekend, and demons leading us into Hell with not a single pause. Chainsaw wielding psychos managed to involve the whole cart by going after each other and the guests with their gas-powered attacks.

Costuming: 7.81

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With a huge variety of monsters comes a large collection of costumes. Masks, makeup, and prosthetics are used through all stages of the haunt and geared towards the theme of each scene. Despite the heat of the evening, the majority of masks are tucked in, and where necessary makeup is applied under masks to make them seem more natural. In some places accessories struggled to meet the high bar set by the costumes; our team noticed minor issues with strangely sized and shaped weapons, but considering how good the costumes were in comparison it was a high bar.

Our team loved the unique and well-detailed pumpkin monster that we encountered outside the house. We were also blown away by the work done on the Nun and the Voodoo Priest. The cleanup crew was an interesting addition that really stood out from the standard monsters we see at haunts. Zombies were well decked out, clowns were bright and garish, and the creatures waiting at the Colonial scene really impressed us with how they fit into the theme.

Customer Service: 8.37

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Kreepy Hollow is a beacon of light in a dark wilderness. The parking lot is 20 acres of well-lit spaces with police surveillance and clear signage. The ticket booth is easy to spot, and all prices are posted and clear on site. Operating hours, pricing, a helpful FAQ, and more information can be gained before your visit with the easily navigated website. Safety signs are posted everywhere, staff members keep a close eye on security for all their guests, and all stairs have railing and markings to ensure that no one falls.

On top of all of these safeguards the Kreepy Hollow customer service team is reliably polite and friendly. The woman that helped us at the ticket booth was patient as we figured out upgrading our passes, and knowledgeable about pricing and payment options. Russell, who supervised the loading of our hayride trailer and the actual ride, was incredibly friendly and made sure that our team member in a leg brace was safely seated and then safely dismounted. Every staff member we encountered from line attendants to our bus driver were a delight.

Atmosphere: 8.06

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At the entrance of Kreepy Hollow at the top of the hill the energy is high as rock music fills the air and eager guests line up to enjoy one of two bus options. Upon arriving at the beginning of the cemetery trail to the house, the atmosphere slides into one of high tension and horror. From the looming fa������ade of the house at its entrance to the horror filled hayride waiting area of the other side, there is no question that you have arrived at a haunted house.

Themed photo ops are available in the waiting area at the exit of the house, and screams ring through the air harmonizing with the sound of chainsaws.

Special Effects: 8.51

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Kreepy Hollow has a large number of special effects spread over the many steps of their haunt. This year we saw a massive addition with a secondary house and a stunning transition area between the two added on. Sound effects add authenticity as they mask or enhance the exclamations of terrified guests.

The very first room of the house holds an incredible surprise that is hand built by the Kreepy team and had our group turned around as we tried to figure out the trick. From there, rooms have a number of hand painted and added details to keep guests staring and distracted for monsters to pop out. The centerpiece of the first house is undeniably the Storm which brings the outside in and has an addition this year that ties the entire scene together. In the transition area between houses, guests are taken further away from their actual surroundings and transported to another place and time before facing a massive monster that is impressively wielded.

On the trail sound is merged with lights, fog, and flames to create a wide variety of hellish scenes that shock and amaze. The construction of the devil scene never fails to impress, and the colonial scene had a number of effects that only enhance the actors’ performances.

Theme: N/A

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Kreepy Hollow does not have a single theme across its attraction. However, that doesn’t stop it from delivering on the promise of screams, startles, and scares.

From what is surely the best bus ride in the South, to the expanded House, and throughout the multi-scene hayride, there’s a little bit of everything from mad men to devils to colonial Puritan witch-hunters to clowns – just enough to surprise anyone who dares to visit.

Scare Factor: 8.16

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The screamers in our team were tired by the end of the night. On the bus, monsters made sure to interact with all seats and spread the scares evenly throughout. Inside of the house we received similar treatment as actors waited to make sure that every member of our seven-person group received the horror treatment. The concessions area is always a delight as guests run from the house’s finale with gusto and monsters give chase.

Distractions are utilized throughout the haunt to beef up scares and keep them from becoming predictable. On the trail, we were delighted to see how far several of the monsters would go to make sure that riders received one last scare after their guard was lowered. We were also massively impressed with the final actor on the ride who went out of his way to give us one last chainsaw send off.

Entertainment & Value: 8.61

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With all the parts of the haunt timed it took our team 43 minutes to travel through the entirety of Kreepy Hollow. Ticket prices are reasonable at $20 on Thursdays and Sundays with a $15 upgrade for fast passes, and $23 on Friday and Saturday with the fast pass costing $40. The typical weekend visitor is getting an amazing 1.87 minutes per dollar spent; a bargain no matter where you are.

Because our team has been to Kreepy Hollow a number of times we made sure to upgrade to the fast pass as lines can get long with all the hype and history of the haunt. As there are three sets of lines to navigate across the attraction, we cannot help but stress that Fast Pass is the way to go during any weekend visit to Kreepy Hollow.

Concessions are reasonable and we can attest that the funnel cake is absolutely delicious. Merchandise can be purchased at the top of the attraction (though unless you intend to wear it right away, we suggest buying on your way out of the attraction).

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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 7.53 out of 10

Scottbryanwoodworks – 10/10October 20, 2017
The bus ride is crazy exciting, fast paced, and and a great start to this amazing attraction. We …show more opted for the fast pass to skip the long lines that looked like the entrance to a Carolina/Clemson football game!! The fast pass saved us a good 45 min of waiting and only took us maybe 10 minutes before we were on the bus. From then to the end it was a ‘hell’ of an experience. Well worth the $70 bucks for me and my son. I be won’t spoil the fun but it’s definitely the best Halloween attraction I’ve been too so far

Cliff Lewis – 7.5/10September 15, 2023
Overall not bad, could tell there were quite a few newer actors that hadn’t quite got the hang of …show more things yet. It was nice to see the veteran actors giving them tips on how to improve though. They have a really great set-up that keeps me coming back every year. Will probably revisit mid season to see how the newer actors have improved. To be fair I went on opening night.

Big mike – 7.13/10October 19, 2019
Lets be honest Kreepy hollow has the best set up around the area,but the cast and the brains around …show more don’t got what it takes all tho Dr.giggles has a great persona..but it takes more than one to make a haunt work,but I will say the bad ass devil scene was the best over all and the bus omg wtf y’all could do better there’s only two bus rides around and the other bus rides is Fletchers which never lets us down on blowing are minds …I’d recheck your review no offense

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