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Madworld Haunted House is a Haunted Attraction located in Piedmont, SC.

147 Country Manor Road, Piedmont, SC 29673
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Team Jefferson Starship reviewed this attraction on September 23, 2017.

Final Score: 9.04


MadWorld Haunted Attraction is back at it again this year, bringing quality scares to the SC Upstate.

They’re bringing the same focus they’ve used to hone and refine their haunted attraction to establishing themselves as an entertainment venue. While our review is going to focus on their haunt, it is important that we mention two great additions: a family fun zone that operates during the day time and ‘No Scare’ medallions that are sold at night. The Family fun zone includes a variety of fall-themed events, including a maze, pumpkin patch and games.

The No Scare medallion bears special mention, however. This brightly-glowing neckwear can be purchased for a small, additional fee (with a child’s ticket usually) and serves as a visible marker to the haunters inside. The monsters will leave the wearer alone and some may even retreat from them. This is a great way for families to bring younger children who might normally find a haunt too scary.

Couple these additions with the carnival-like atmosphere of the MadWorld waiting area and it’s easy that this haunted attraction is focused on providing entertainment to everyone.

Cast: 9.01

The Cast of MadWorld are wonderful.

The cast members are very verbal with quips, jokes, creepy quotes, tortured cries and screams. The haunters working the fairway might have complete masks but they do a good job of expressing themselves and bringing scares. The haunters inside are predominately in make-up with introductory dialogue for each of the major scenes and some occasional minor lines scattered through-out.

There are no animatronics in MadWorld – just actors working their hardest to bring fright to the customers. This year, there are a lot of new haunters learning their trade at MadWorld, but overall they’ve done a great job of dropping into character.

Costuming: 9.27

There are few masks inside the haunt itself, though there are plenty of great masks on the fairway outside. The fairway actors are decked out in detailed costumes with elaborate masks and make-up – appropriate since they’re in the spotlight and in close interaction with guests.

With over a hundred haunters working, the staff at MadWorld do a great job of getting everyone in makeup and appropriate costumes for a wide variety of scenes.

Visitors are encouraged to spend time in the fairway, interacting with the various masked miscreants who roam up and down – from the horrible vampire and Baby Doll to the Pumpkin King and Krampus.

Customer Service: 9.43

MadWorld sits near the end of a dead end street adjacent to the interstate. There are plenty of large signs and lots of staff (from the parking crew to management inside) to be found. The whole haunt is focused on entertainment and providing that entertainment to a wide variety of people.

All that said, the haunt is primarily a walking trail that spans over a half-mile through the Upstate woods and hills. From the moment you step off of the ‘elevator’ of the ruined hotel, you’ll be traversing assembled rooms and walking a wooded trail. The ground is uneven in places and in the dark, so that can be a bit of an experience on its own.

Atmosphere: 8.67

MadWorld is an entertainment experience, providing things from music and a movie projection to a fire pit and a food truck. There’s also lots of great energy and excitement in the waiting area that doesn’t focus on being scary. MadWorld is made to welcome you in and make sure you’re having fun.

Special Effects: 8.95

Did we mention that MadWorld was all about fun? Because it is! A wide variety of effects await your visit inside the haunt to tease a variety of your senses. All of these are mingled into the scenes where they appear in ways that fit the internal themes.

Some of the rooms are quite unusual and fun to navigate.
A wide variety of sound effects are used throughout the attraction, but some places had more sound than others. Other effects you’ll see include fog, lasers, pressure tunnels, lots of details, static props, swamp rooms and, sometimes, several of them at once!

Theme: N/A

There isn’t really a unifying theme across MadWorld’s haunt.
All of the scenes, however, are separate and distinguishable from one another.

None of these scenes repeat what the others do – there are zombies breaking free from the CDC and there are cannibals in the diner and never the two shall meet.

These individual scenes are well executed and if one scene doesn’t scare someone in your group, the next one might. This variety of scenes is something common in a lot of haunts and while it does its job of providing a variety of scares here, it would be amazing to see what the MadWorld crew would do if focused down on a single theme.

Fright Effect: 8.97

During our visit, one customer barely made inside after purchasing her ticket and another customer from the group in front of us left before the first scene was even done.

Smaller groups seem to work better throughout the haunt, but we did see some larger groups clinging to one another ahead of us.

Entertainment is the aim and the haunters in MadWorld do their best to hit everyone in a group with some individual attention.

Value: 8.97

MadWorld remains a solid haunt with a great value for the time and money spent. Though some groups may vary, it took us about 30-ish minutes to make our way through MadWorld. With a general admission price of $28, guests can generally expect to get just over 1 minute of entertainment per dollar spent. Fast pass tickets can be purchased for $45 and a combo ticket to the haunt and family fun zone can be had for $35.

The carnival-like atmosphere of the central fairway is a great place to spend some time both before and after your visit through the haunt. The crew are constantly looking for ways to improve the value and entertainment for their guests.

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Guest Average: 8.8 out of 10

Cliff Lewis – 8.8/10September 9, 2023
Great haunt, this place never fails to impress, been a few years since my last visit and they have …show more changed quite a few things up. The actors were very into it even early in the season. Will continue to keep this one on the list for years to come.

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