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Netherworld Haunted House is a Haunted Attraction located in Stone Mountain, GA.

1313 Netherworld Way, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
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Team Jefferson Starship reviewed this attraction on September 29, 2017.

Final Score: 9.52


Netherworld Haunted House has been an industry giant for twenty years now. And just when you thought they weren’t going anywhere…

Well, this is their last year at their current location! Not ones to shuffle slowly and quietly into the night, nor to put on a lesser show in order to start moving things to their new site sooner, Netherworld is still putting on a huge and elaborate show that brings in people from all around Georgia and beyond.

The night we visited Netherworld, we arrived just before close. So near were we to closing time, in fact, that we were one of the last groups through the main house and the last group through the secondary house for the night. Luckily, the creatures of Netherworld don’t stop until the last scream’s echoes fade away.

While Netherworld does promise a huge show next year when they’ve landed at their brand new location, there is still a whole world of stuff to find on Dawson Blvd. If you’ve never been, this is the year to visit and see what has been drawing people to Netherworld for two decades. If you’ve been before, this is the season to visit again and relive those memories one more time.

Cast: 8.94

The cast of creepy creatures and disturbing characters at Netherworld are an interesting bunch. The fairway outside has a carnival-like atmosphere that’s a show all on its own; peopled with all sorts of strange monsters who are willing to talk, growl, groan and screech for the guests.

Inside, some of the haunters blend in extremely well with their surroundings and sets. So well, that you’d think they’re just part of the scenery until they reach out for you!

There are occasions where some individual monsters will deliver a monologue, setting the stage for the horrors beyond, and one or two will carry on interactive dialogue with visitors. But most are content to let their overwhelming presence be all the voice they need.

Costuming: 9.73

As mentioned above, some of the characters in Netherworld literally blend in with their surroundings, so much so that it can be hard to be sure what is a prop and what is an actor until it moves. Even then, there are some unique surprises!

The costumes worn by the creatures of the Netherworld are complete, head-to-toe costumes. You’ll be hard pressed to pick out anything so mundane as sneakers or boots. The masks, costumes and makeup are so complete that it is easy to believe that you’ve been transported to a world where these strange beings walk the land.

Customer Service: 9.83

Netherworld understandably has a large support staff working to make their haunt a great place to visit. Support staff wear clearly marked shirts and outside the haunt they are easy to find.

While waiting or visiting the fairway, there is a great deal to do and see. From roaming monsters and photo opportunities to an interactive and personalized show to food and a gift shop, there’s plenty to keep you entertained before you even reach the line. Once in line, customers get to move through a museum of interesting artifacts and authentic movie props. The line into the haunt can grow long pretty fast; we recommend visiting early or during the week if possible.

The paths through the haunt seem to be fully wheelchair accessible and, where they aren’t, there are alternate paths that are detailed as well.

Staff are professional, courteous, and welcoming, clearly displaying a passion for their work.

Atmosphere: 9.73

Nothing can prepare you for what you’ll find inside Netherworld.

The outside of Netherworld holds an atmosphere like a fair or traveling carnival – games, costumes, food, music, even clips of movies played on the wall above.

None of this, however, can adequately prepare you for what waits behind the doors to Netherworld.

The atmosphere outside the haunt is friendly and fun-filled. If you’re hesitant about entering the line or want to spend a few minutes calming down, then Netherworld’s front yard is the place to be.

Special Effects: 9.7

The owner and crew of Netherworld are masters at special effects – not just the make up and masks, but lighting, sound, and set design. No piece of detail goes untouched at Netherworld – we frequently call it a 360-degree haunt and it never fails to live up to that title. Effects can be found on the walls, looming over the walls, on the ceilings, and even on the floors beneath you as you walk. Be sure to visit Netherworld with a group and talk about what your favorite parts were afterwards – we can almost guarantee that someone in the group will see something that the others did not.

Theme: 9.12

Netherworld’s two houses have slightly different themes. For the curious, detailed backstories for each haunt can be found on the Netherworld website. These additional details turn the haunt into an ongoing story that unfolds with new details or plot changes each year. However, without such background knowledge it can be hard to glean the subtleties storyline built into every journey through Netherworld.

Scenes transition smoothly from one to another, subtly drifting from one theme to another through the main haunt, Primal Scream. This year’s main haunt, Primal Scream, was all about the monsters of nature fighting back against horrors from beyond AND humans (such as visitors) caught in the middle and hunted by both sides. One would almost need a play book to keep the twists and turns and individual monsters separated as you’ll find everything from Lovecraftian horrors to the undead to creatures from the sea and beyond.

The second haunt at Netherworld suffers a similar fate. Mr. Grendel’s Fun House of Horrors takes the perennial creepy clown and turns it into something else! The backstory from their website helps to explain the connection, but unaware visitors might be left reeling from the surprises in store.

Fright Effect: 9.58

Netherworld does it’s best to scare its visitors. Every year, changes and additions are made to keep the experience new and fresh. Combined with the attention to detail, the great masks, and the amazing props, scares and screams are a common thing among the groups flocking to Netherworld.

It can be hard to predict exactly where scares are going to burst from next simply because of how detailed things are. Jump scares from sudden movement or emerging monsters are often the order of the night, followed closely by a general unease from the disturbingly detailed surroundings. Props and scenery are key to this beautiful haunt.

If you’re one of the few people who doesn’t get scared at haunted houses (there’s always at least one person claiming to not be scared, right?), then a visit to Netherworld is in order! Even if you’re not creeped out, made uneasy, or letting out a little squeak of surprise, you’ll at least be able to laugh as your friends do all of the above, all while being able to admire the craftsmanship and detail of the sets around you.

Value: 9.5

As stated, Netherworld is a 360-degree haunt with an unbelievable amount of detail. Even if the haunt was emptied of haunters, there’d be plenty there to creep out visitors and make it worth the ticket price.

We arrived late (very late) in the evening and didn’t have to deal with crowds. Even moving at our hurried pace, we easily spent 25 minutes in the madness of Netherworld.

It always seems like every possible inch of the inside of this haunt is filled with some small detail, used to its fullest. That is perhaps one of the wonders of Netherworld – you could visit multiple times and still not see all the details that have been poured into the halls and passages of this haunt.

Ticket prices are slightly more on Fridays and Saturdays, so to get the most out of your dollars, a visit during the week can net you a bit more.

Parking can also be a bit of a bear. If you have to park off-site, it can cost you a small amount ($5-$10) depending on where you find to park. On-site parking is limited, but free.

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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 10 out of 10

Carson – 10/10October 21, 2023
This attraction is amazing. So many good decorations and the actors are awesome. Definitely …show more recommend netherworld!

Mary – 10/10October 7, 2022
It was my first time here and let me tell you it was worth the $$$ highly recommended! Very scary !

Mary – 10/10October 7, 2022
It was my first time here and let me tell you it was worth the $$$ highly recommended! Very scary !

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