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Paranoia Haunted House is a Haunted Attraction located in Canton, GA.

2075 Marietta Hwy, Canton, GA 30114
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This attraction was reviewed on October 4, 2019 by Team NecronomaPeach.

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Final Score: 9.15

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Follow the rock music, floodlights, and the screams in Canton, Georgia and you will find Paranoia Haunted House. This haunt has been a long-time favorite of our review team because of their ability to transform a warehouse into a far offsetting, and this year was no different. For 2019, Paranoia brings people into a secret government facility in their Quarantine attraction and into a swamp plagued by magic in their Hexed attraction. Both attractions were unique and we had a great time at Paranoia Haunted House.

Cast: 9.3

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Paranoia Haunted House clearly understands the importance of great characters. In fact, we got to interview the haunt’s acting manager while we were there. He was eager to learn which characters we liked, demonstrating the enthusiasm they have for having a great cast.

Quarantine at Paranoia had elaborately created monsters and characters who directly interacted with our group as we came through the haunt. The characters embraced the chaos that was the haunt. It made the whole time more tense.

Hexed, on the other hand, was full of creepy witches and magically affected monsters. In this haunt, the characters were close to us and bodily separated our group a few times. It was really perfectly done so that it appeared to be just part of the scene, instead of just a scare tactic at a haunt.

Quarantine: 9.3
Hexed: 9.2

Costuming: 9.16

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Paranoia Haunted House is excellent at head-to-toe, detailed costuming and makeup. In both haunts, the characters were immaculately designed to BE specific people within the settings.

In Quarantine, the makeup and costuming were bloody and crazed and medical. Our team appreciated the attention to the details of the costumes for the characters. Their hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, and skin all aligned with their surrounding area and their character’s identity.

In Hexed, the makeup and costumes were darker and more unnerving, with “magic” symbols and the general dirty darkness of a swamp. The hair was more orderly and the characters looked less crazed and more like controlled evil. Our group enjoyed the symbols on the characters’ faces because it made the characters look like they had been truly embraced by their craft.

Quarantine: 9.1
Hexed: 9.2

Customer Service: 9.25

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Paranoia Haunted House is packed with a cast and crew that is itching to scare people. They are very passionate to be a great haunt and to perform to the best of their ability. The crew were kind and helpful. They were eager to speak about their season so far and they sounded so very proud of their accomplishments thus far.

Information on Paranoia both online and once at the location were clear and easy to find. Paranoia has multiple social media profiles and posts regularly. Information about the physical location is fairly easy to find as well although Google Maps on our GPS did tell us to turn too early. However, Paranoia has lights to aid people in finding the correct pull off. Once there, we were happy to see how safely Paranoia was able to perform their two attractions and midway.

Quarantine: 9.25
Hexed: 9.25

Atmosphere: 9.3

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Paranoia Haunted House had a fun exterior to welcome their customers. Their characters in the line area were creepy and the witch from Left for Dead was especially appreciated by our group (since we’re nerds). The music being played was energetic and got people hyped up to go into the haunts.

The midway stations also had great haunt actors running them and the actress running the bean bag toss was hilarious! Our group really appreciated that the midway was almost like a third, interactive attraction. The characters roaming around the midway where dark circus-themed just like the games. Our group had so much fun outside the haunts, that we stuck around for over half an hour!

Quarantine: 9.25
Hexed: 9.25

Special Effects: 9.35

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We have been to Paranoia Haunted House in years past, and the one thing that they have always impressed us with was their ability to transform a warehouse into anything that they need to for the theme. This year was no exception to this ability. Whether we were in a swamp or a forest or a laboratory, we were definitely not in a normal warehouse in Canton, Georgia. We were totally immersed in this attraction which can be very tough to accomplish. This transformation was obtained through sight, sound, smell, and touch. It was an assault on the senses! Even the air felt different according to where we ‘were’ in terms of the story settings.

This haunt also used some brilliant special effect objects in order to give our group jump scares, the creeps, a sense of claustrophobia, and general unease. People should definitely check out Paranoia to observe their special effects that are almost equal to the magic they portray in their Hexed attraction.

Quarantine: 9.3
Hexed: 9.3

Theme: 8.75

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Paranoia Haunted House had two very different themes in their two attractions to the point that the type of storytelling was even different. Both of the themes were executed well throughout the haunts and they were both unique and interesting.

In Quarantine, the theme is more like a moment in time in the middle of chaos. Monsters, madmen and more are waiting to try to drag the customers into the madness with them. The theme was very interactive and rapid.

For Hexed, the theme was more creepy, dark, and eerie. The story being told within was more of an epic one. Customers will enter the swamp and discover what is going on within while exploring.

Quarantine: 8.67
Hexed: 8.67

Scare Factor: 9.14

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Paranoia Haunted House is definitely more of an adult haunt as it is quite scary! We were all scared at one point or another throughout the two attractions. We found a huge variety of scares and we were still unnerved by some of them the next day! It was also hard to predict what was going to come at us.

Quarantine is an intense experience with an almost overloading amount of action being thrown at the customers all at the same time. This caused the experience to be tense and panicked. We remained on our toes through this one. Meanwhile, Hexed was more spine-chilling, tight, and dark. It appeared to be based on fears of which cannot be seen or understood. We found that Hexed started perfectly with an eerie little girl cultist who was awaiting us with a single lamp. It was so simple, but so terrifying!

Quarantine: 9.1
Hexed: 9.2

Entertainment & Value: 8.83

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Paranoia Haunted House is exactly where the horror party is at! We were in the haunts for a total of 30 minutes while walking at a decently quick pace. We spent another hour in total before, in between and after the two haunts, and we would have stayed longer if it hadn’t already been nearly 1 AM. For just the haunt though, their MPD (minutes of entertainment received per dollar spent) comes to 1.20 which is quite a bit above the average of 1 that’s seen most often! The cast and crew were like being with a large group of friends and everywhere we turned, there was fun to be had.

This haunt is 100% worth the ticket price which was $25.00 for Quarantine or $35.00 for both Hexed and Quarantine. The prices will vary depending on what day you visit. Paranoia is expecting a large crowd, so it may be best to get the VIP ticket, which includes special photo opportunities along with getting to the front of the line for $50.00. We had a great time at Paranoia and if we can, we will be going back this year just to have more fun getting relentlessly scared!

Quarantine: 8.88
Hexed: 8.88

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