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Paranoia Haunted House is a Haunted Attraction located in Canton, GA.

2075 Marietta Hwy, Canton, GA 30114
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This attraction was reviewed on October 2, 2020 by Team NecronomaPeach.

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Final Score: 9.03

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Paranoia Haunted House does it again, rocking Canton, Georgia with another season of thrills and chills! As always, our review team was blown away by Paranoia’s haunted attractions.

This year, we saw the return of Quarantine, an experience polished from last year, and Cursed, their new spooky attraction taking the place of Hexed. With Quarantine being a sensory overload with tight confines and wild scares and Cursed being a slower and creepier haunt, they’re sure to get everyone at least somewhere.

Cast: 8.73

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Paranoia Haunted House has wild and creepy characters coming out of the woodwork, literally! High and low, right and left, in front and behind! Both attractions had us looking all around all the time!

Quarantine’s cast was very vertical. Frequently we had to walk under characters that were scaring us from above or swinging down to meet us on either side. The acrobatics were amazing and terrifying! There were monsters and creeps and all kinds of things, and the variety kept things fresh throughout. One monster was splashing water from above us, which we were very much not expecting!

Cursed had us walking through a wild, outdoor themed area with overgrown, creeping monsters lurking and crawling around and below us. In contrast to the ducking and dodging we did in Quarantine, Cursed had us watching below us and stepping around creatures that gave us all kinds of spooks. Especially good was a crawler working its way down a narrow corridor that we had to step past.

Quarantine: 9.05
Cursed: 8.4

Costuming: 9.16

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Paranoia Haunted House always impresses us with their costuming and character design. This year, they were on point, yet again! Every monster and spook and creep in either attraction was artfully costumed to wow and shock.

Quarantine was filled with scientists and mad doctors and experiments either gone wrong or terribly right. Just the right amount of blood and details that matched each room’s surroundings lent a ton of authenticity to the characters. Everyone looked like they belonged right where they were.

Cursed was home to swamp monsters and spooky witches. Everyone there fit in perfectly with the overgrown, natural aesthetic of the attraction. Some fit in so well that we didn’t see them until they moved, giving us quite the scare! Even similar characters weren’t quite the same, adding to the variety that Paranoia Haunted House does so well.

Quarantine: 9.1
Cursed: 9.23

Customer Service: 9.18

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Paranoia Haunted House has a great staff eager to make the experience the best it can be for every guest there! In the parking lot, at the ticket booth, around the queue to the attractions, and even after the haunt was plenty of well-marked crewmembers ready to answer questions and guide us to where we wanted to be.

Their website has all the information we needed to decide when we would visit and how to get there. Their social media is quite active.

Google Maps tried to take us to the neighboring parking lot, but it was very easy to see where we needed to be once we arrived.

Quarantine: 9.25
Cursed: 9.1

Atmosphere: 9.3

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Paranoia Haunted House has an excellent exterior. Loud music, spotlights, wild Halloween decor, pyrotechnics, and wonderfully engaging actors filled any area we needed to walk through or wait in.

After the attractions, we were happy to see the return of the dark circus characters, midway games, and game masters encouraging people to enjoy them. In addition, this year Paranoia is even hosting a portable escape room! Once again, our group found ourselves stalling and enjoying the fun after the haunts rather than headed straight home. How often do you really get to dance with evil clowns? It was a blast!

Quarantine: 9.3
Cursed: 9.3

Special Effects: 9.15

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Paranoia Haunted House is always exceptional in their ability to take a warehouse and turn it into something very different. The moment we stepped inside, the warehouse was gone and we were taken to the world that they’d created to scare us in.

In Quarantine, the lights and sounds were overwhelming. Sirens and alarms and screens and digital windows were everywhere! Real water features are rare in haunts, and they are very well done here. Combined with the verticality and good placement of actors, the effects created a wild and crazy experience.

In Cursed, things were suddenly quiet and dark. The jarring change in pace made the spooks and creeps that much more effective. Outdoorsy noises and low lighting did a great job selling the swampy woods location.

Quarantine: 9.43
Cursed: 8.88

Theme: 8.75

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Paranoia Haunted House had two very different themes, one for each attraction.

Quarantine was a wild laboratory with monsters and experiments running amok. From start to finish there was no escaping the huge pipes and chain-link fences and mad science equipment. With the special sound and light effects, this theme was completely immersive. Even changes in flooring gave different rooms unique feelings.

Cursed took us over a bridge and into a thick swamp full of monsters and witches. The low lighting and outdoor sounds matched very well with the characters and props to create a very compelling world for us to explore. It was just what you’d imagine a cursed Georgia swamp to look like, minus the hoards of mosquitos, of course.

Quarantine: 8.7
Cursed: 8.8

Scare Factor: 9.14

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Paranoia’s excellent use of varied scare tactics between the two attractions makes each more effective.

Quarantine was full of jump scares, gore, and confined spaces. We just really didn’t have time to form an expectation of what might be coming next!

Cursed was heavy on darkness, creepiness, and things happening in the corner of your eye. It built tension very well and released it in just a few really good scares. Both experiences were wonderfully crafted to appeal to certain types of fears whilst entertaining those not specifically afraid.

Quarantine: 9.08
Cursed: 9.2

Entertainment & Value: 8.75

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Paranoia Haunted House was a well-rounded experience, and is especially fun with friends! With plenty of entertainment on either side of the haunt, we didn’t feel down or bored at any point.

With a total of about twenty-five minutes in the haunts, that would be a good value for the thirty-five dollar combo ticket already. But adding on the great scenery, queue entertainment, and carnival games at the end, it makes the whole experience very much worth your dollar.

Team NecroNomAPeach highly recommends this haunt!

Quarantine: 8.83
Cursed: 8.68

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