The Scare Factor Podcast

Getting started in the Spring of 2021, The Scare Factor launched its very own podcast. With the goal of providing haunt-goers with helpful tips about visiting haunted houses, the Scream Teams are now able to share their experiences with you like never before! Tune in as they discuss everything from local legends & lore and what it’s like to be a pro haunt reviewer to exclusive owner interviews and trending haunt industry news. Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! We’re currently listed on the following platforms:

Season 2

  • E1: How Many Types of Scares Are There?
  • E2: Off-Season, Holiday and Year-Round Haunted House Events
  • E3: Trends in the Haunted House Industry
  • E4: What Is A Haunted House and Why Should You Go?
  • E5: Customer Service Pet Peeves: We Want Your Manager!
  • E6: Special FX Pet Peeves: Yeah, We’ve Seen That
  • E7: Interview with Terror in the Corn; Our #1 Rated Haunted House in 2021!
  • E8: Haunt Visiting Etiquette with Maximus Christian Bryant (AKA: “Pumpkin Smasher”)

  • Season 1

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