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Screamville Haunted Attraction is a Haunted Attraction located in Knoxville, TN.

6825 Tindell Lane, Knoxville, TN 37918
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This attraction was reviewed on October 9, 2021 by Team Kiss of Death.

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Final Score: 8.53

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If you’re looking for an outdoor haunted cornfield that has a variety of characters and scenes, then look no further! Screamville Haunted Attraction is the place to be this spooky season! They have been expanding every year since they opened six years ago so there is always something new to see.

Rumor has it that Virgil and Sarah Branson used to live in the abandoned home next to the cornfield with their children. The only thing that would grow on that land was corn. Over time, Sarah began hearing strange sounds and seeing ghostly figures in the cornfield. One night, Virgil came home late and noticed Sarah and his children were missing. He went out to the cornfield to find Sarah on her knees facing away from him. He moved closer to find her covered in blood. She had slaughtered their children and told him that the corn made her do it!

Are you brave enough to face the cornfield and the cursed creatures that lurk within?

Cast: 8.55

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The cast of Screamville Haunted Attraction was plentiful and very devoted to their specific roles. It seemed that no matter where we went within the cornfield, there was a cast member waiting to frighten us.
The cast members were given the option to choose their characters and create their own backstory. It certainly showed just how devoted the cast was to their roles because they seemed to love the character they played and played off each other smoothly. Whether it was demonic children teaching their teacher a lesson or a priest performing an exorcism on a poor helpless victim, each cast member played off each other flawlessly.

There were multiple instances where the cast members interacted with our group as well. They would either block our path entirely or engage in some spooky dialogue with us. Most dialogue used by the actors is commonly used throughout other haunted attractions. However, when we first entered, we were given a thorough background story of the haunt which made it unique.

Being in a cornfield gave this haunt the ability to have a wide range of characters. They had characters such as an evil nun, pig people, or crazy guys with chainsaws.

Costuming: 8.66

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Most costumes appeared to be hand-made or picked out carefully to fit each scene. There were a few that appeared to be generic but overall, each cast member’s costume was well-made.

The makeup was amazing! Each cast member did their own makeup due to Covid, so it made it even more impressive. There were times it was difficult to tell if the cast member was wearing a mask or prosthetics with makeup.

The masks that were used, were mostly used appropriately and effectively. Some masks made it confusing to know what the character was supposed to be, but overall masks were used very well!

Each character seemed to fit each scene thoroughly! There were dolls in a dollhouse, demonic children in a schoolhouse, and hillbillies in a (not so) abandoned junkyard.

Customer Service: 8.69

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Locating this attraction is very easy if you are using GPS. Just be sure not to miss the turn with the small white sign. Parking was a little confusing at first, but make sure to watch for the parking lot attendants in the yellow vests. They will point you in the right direction! Once you are parked, everything else is very easy to navigate.

As far as safety is concerned, Screamville Haunted Attraction is very aware of its importance. All safety standards have been met; they have their own security guards as well as the Knox County police department on site. The entire attraction is ADA accessible, so they cater to all people.

One thing we noticed was that everything was very muddy. It had rained the day before and the whole attraction is outdoors in the grass or cornfield. If you were to run through, you may slip and fall in the mud so be careful!

Every staff member was extremely helpful and friendly. From the moment we drove into the parking lot to the minute we left, everyone was very warm and welcoming. Except for, of course, the actors, who kept trying to scare us away for some reason!

This attraction does not currently have a website, but all their information can be found on their Facebook page. The only information that is not on their page is that they offer Fast Passes and VIP Passes available at $30 and $40, respectively.

Atmosphere: 8.39

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Upon entering the main ticket area, it was obvious that we were at a haunted attraction. There was loud hard rock music playing, a bonfire, and an area to sit and relax before and after your visit. Actors were scaring and entertaining people in the queue line while we waited so there was never a dull moment.

If you had visited last year, you’ll notice a few differences with the midway area. Last year they had a large carn-evil-themed midway area but due to some unexpected issues with Covid, they were unable to bring it back this year.

We felt that the atmosphere before entering gave us a good idea of what we were going to experience inside. Since we were right outside a cornfield, it was easy to tell what was going to happen once we entered. However, with the number of different scenes, it was impossible to know what exactly we would see next. It certainly kept us on our toes!

Special Effects: 8.45

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The sound effects were very effective in making the experience creepier. There were times when there was no sound at all except people screaming in the distance. This helped promote a feeling of unease and terror.

Most props appeared to be hand-made specifically for this attraction which gave us the feeling that they put in a lot of time and effort. There were only a few props that were noticeably unrealistic, but overall, the props were well-made and effective.

Each scene was well thought out and detailed. Screamville Haunted Attraction takes almost everything down after each season and began rebuilding in the spring which is another indication that they put a lot of time and effort into the haunt.

For most of the experience, we felt like we were in a real cornfield with real creatures/people. There were a few spots where we noticed some things that were unrealistic, but overall, we felt like we were immersed in a real-life haunted cornfield.

Screamville did a wonderful job of providing our group with some quality entertainment!

Theme: 8.24

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Since this attraction is in a cornfield, you can easily assume the theme will be directly related to that. As mentioned above, we were given a detailed explanation upon entering about demons living in the corn looking for their next meal! Be careful!

Throughout the haunt, we were reminded that the cornfield is cursed due to a large number of spooky creatures. We were also given the impression that we were in the middle of a small town outside a cornfield.

The location of the haunt authenticates the theme perfectly! We were near an abandoned house by a creepy cornfield in the middle of nowhere Tennessee.

Scare Factor: 8.54

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We were startled multiple times throughout this haunt. There was no way to know when there would be a new creature waiting to scare you. My group does not scare easily, but the creatures lurking within the cornfield made us jump many times!

They also did a wonderful job of providing scares for the whole group. Everything was timed almost perfectly. There were multiple times where the actors would distract us only to frighten us in another direction.
There was a wide variety of different scares. They ranged from screaming right in our faces to simply coming out of a dark corner to stalk us for a while.

The ending of this attraction is typical of most haunted houses. However, there was a slight twist to it!

Entertainment & Value: 8.52

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We feel that this attraction is well worth the money! We were in that cornfield for 22 minutes! At one point, I even thought to myself, ‘How long have we been in here?’ It was a fantastic experience!

The only entertainment before you enter the attraction are actors in the queue line and an area to sit and relax. As mentioned above, they normally have other entertainment but there were some issues bringing that back this year. We are very excited to see what changes will be made next year!

The price of general admission is $20 per person. If you’d like a fast pass, they are $30. And to go directly to the front of the line, it is $40 per person. Based on how long it took to get through the attraction and the cost, you are looking at a ratio of 1.1 minutes per dollar.

We highly recommend this haunt to everyone because we will be back!

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riwk – 10/10October 6, 2021
I peed so did becky

Whitney ford – 10/10October 2, 2020

Becky – 10/10October 12, 2019
I screamed,I jumped,I peed a little..I didn’t know what to expect through out the maze. It was …show more awesome!

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