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Terror in the Corn at Anderson Farms is a Haunted Attraction located in Erie, CO.

6728 County Road 3 1/4, Erie, CO 80516
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This attraction was reviewed on October 11, 2019 by Team Hauntarama.

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Final Score: 8.86

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Terror in the Corn, which first opened in 2001, is located at Anderson Farms, just off of Highway 52 in Erie, Colorado. Anderson Farms, of course, has been a Northern Colorado institution for decades, offering a host of family friendly activities, both day and night, including hay rides, a pumpkin patch, an award winning (not haunted) corn maze, playgrounds, picnic areas, a County Store, food stands and trucks, and even large fire pits that can be rented out by the night that come with attendants to keep the flames stoked all evening. Although this review will focus on Terror in the Corn, haunt fans should make a point to visit before the haunt opens to take advantage of the other autumn fun offered by Anderson Farms during the day. As Michael and Greg, the brilliant minds in charge of Terror in the Corn and Zombie Paintball, respectively, informed us, haunt tickets are also good for daytime entry, meaning that families can bring the kids and have a day of family fun, then drop the youngins with a sitter and return to have a haunted evening! Though that degree of duality has the potential to draw away from the fearsome atmosphere, it is so thoroughly accomplished and in such a perfect location, that it truly adds to the experience, providing a truly well-rounded night amusement!

The haunt, Zombie Paintball, and two escape rooms are located near the back of the attraction, permitting them to utilize the corn north of the Anderson Farms midway central area. Although they are a bit off in a corner, that was a sensible location for them, as it keeps the haunts out of the way during the day, and keeps those solely interested in fall festivities from growing too terrified. But for those so inclined, there is no mistaking the haunted attractions once they are opened. Lights and sounds, combined with signs and line creepers, make it perfectly clear where to go to get scared!

Cast: 8.73

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The cast of Terror in the Corn is tremendous! Although there were a few spots that shone brighter than others, the cast was generally very effective. One actor in particular was better than any other haunt actor we have ever encountered, giving the impression that we had truly stumbled into a haunted dimension and were interacting with a real unnatural being. Even the cast that led us to that actor helped establish the effect, as his character was given life the instant we walked into his lobby before ever interacting with us. There were numerous gems, from the morgue worker to the ghostly skeleton woman, who appeared to float rather than walk (which, given the muddiness of the haunt, as we visited the day after the area’s first major snowfall, is really impressive), and even to the woman who screamed warnings to us in German that we only understood as the monster lurking in the corner came to life. A few additional folks in the haunt, going about their business as we passed through would have helped to better set the scene of a true to life ghost town. This coupled with a few lethargic characters, in particular the clowns that didn’t seem to fit the theme or rise to the occasion, resulted in some of the greatest lulls. With those exceptions, however, the rest of the cast did a good job throughout the haunt, coming at us with creative variety and a depth of characters, each with unique dialogue and various demented demeanors.

Costuming: 9

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The costumes at Terror in the Corn are all of a high quality, appearing authentic for the characters. The creepers in the haunted corn maze that begins the haunt were costumed in darker, dingier apparel whereas the morgue worker donned a blood stained apron, and the ghostly woman wore a nicely detailed floor length dress while the cowboy looked like he’d just stepped out of a saloon in the 1880s. Although we didn’t notice many full-face masks, there were a few fiends that wore partial masks or prosthetics, all of which was blended with make-up to create memorable effects. Speaking of make-up, it was also quite high in quality, providing full and even coverage to the cast, with appropriate highlighting and shadowing. Also quite notable was how well the costumes fit into the given scenes, each character where one would envisage.

Customer Service: 9.01

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The customer service at Terror in the Corn left nothing to be desired. Despite being below freezing on our visit, Michael and Greg were willing to sit down with us for an interview, and everyone from the front gate staff to the haunt security were welcoming and friendly, answering any questions we had. As we learned, and witnessed firsthand, hauntgoers that bite off more than they can chew aren’t left to wallow in despair, as they are directed to Zombie Paintball which is intentionally not scary, but is a lot of fun!

One guard even got into the act, berating us for toeing the line a bit too closely. The escape room staff was also exceptionally helpful, giving us an overview of the available rooms, their cost, and explaining the interactive virtual reality room (which wasn’t working on the night of our visit). In fact, with the exception of the goat that took some coaxing to get to pose for a picture, everyone we encountered (that didn’t try to terrify or torment us, that is) was exceptional!

Atmosphere: 8.9

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Between the usual Anderson Farms activities, the fall festival bustle and decor throughout the farm, and the scarier elements near Zombie Paintball and the haunt, hauntgoers are treated to a wealth of things to do. Folks can take a break, grab a hot beverage and snack, mill about the regular corn maze, and generally make a night out of it. As guests arrive at the haunt near their ticketed time, they are routed through a walled off graveyard queue, which is staffed by a giant winged monster, a headless woman and the ghostly sheriff, offering scares and quips to passersby. Meanwhile, guests can enjoy the tractors that pull the Zombie Paintball trailers, which are decorated with splattered zombie parts, as well as the giant tractor-pulled hearse ride that takes hauntgoers into the haunted corn maze that begins the attraction. The lights, sounds, scents and special effects that fill the air leave little doubt about what to expect in the haunt itself. The combined effect of the haunted and non-haunted elements, however, allows for hours upon hours of seasonal fun!

Special Effects: 9.14

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When we loaded into the huge hearse that dropped us off in the middle of the haunted maze, I wasn’t expecting much more than a blacked out ride through the bumpy fields, but we were treated to a true masterpiece! Those seemingly simple trailers were packed with custom made special effects that not only set the feel for the haunt but brought a lot of levity to the mundane task of setting out the rules. There were also other special effects throughout the haunt: squeezing through corpses, animatronics of all shapes and species, and even the subtle yet effective soundscape were just a few of the highlights. Of course, we would be remiss not to mention some of the special effects at the Zombie Paintball, as well. From the sweeping searchlight corresponding with the helicopter pilot audio on the trailer to the targets that moved or activated other features on the range, there was always something to shoot with fluorescent paint, leading to one of the better zombie paintball experiences we have had. Although the paintball didn’t have any scary parts or elements, it was well done. The five-minute escape rooms were also a blast! Although the tech isn’t as obvious as that in the haunt’s hearses, it provided for great experiences in each of the two rooms, which combine technical and mechanical elements to create the puzzles.

Theme: 9.1

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Terror in the Corn provides quite the compelling backstory on its website. The tale begins on Halloween night, 1851, with the Wells’ twins’ birth, and continues through their move to the Erie farm, complete with diary entries detailing their demented game, to which they assigned the moniker ‘Terror in the Corn!’ Although the story is a delightful romp through their sordid affairs, it only adds another dimension to the already obvious haunted corn field theme. Between the fact that Anderson Farms is located tens of acres from their nearest neighbor and is surrounded by tall corn as far as the eye can see, the haunt’s location is about as genuine as it gets. That Anderson Farms is an actual working farm only adds to the authenticity, as real, working farm equipment, live animals, and a literal cornucopia of fresh produce fill the grounds. With all of that real life atmosphere, it only takes a small leap to begin hearing creaking in the corn even when nowhere near the haunt!

Scare Factor: 8.15

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Given the variety of scare methods, the different characters and areas, and the precise blend of old fashion cast and newer technology, Terror in the Corn provides a chilling experience for haunt fans brave enough to venture into the heath. Those with enough courage to exit the haunt’s hearse and step into the cornfield, however, are soon greeted by some of the ghastly ghosts and ghouls that roam the rows before finding another queue into the haunt proper. From that point, the fear built as we passed from place to place, wandering through the twisting paths that wound through the ghost town, coming face to face with some of the undead inhabitants, amazing animatronics, and terrific technical effects culminating in a fearsome kinesthetic experience!

Entertainment & Value: 9.08

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With all that Terror in the Corn has to offer, between the farm, haunt and paintball, it is one of the front range’s most entertaining attractions. Although the cost has remained pretty similar over the past few years, the haunt itself is exponentially better than it used to be. As we learned, from Michael and Greg, both of whom joined the Terror in the Corn team about five years ago, the Anderson Farms family began recruiting talent from around the nation. With the addition of their two macabre minds, the level of professional design, actor training, and impressive tech went through the roof. Gone were the days of actors yelling ‘boo’ as they hopped out of a dark corner, and from all appearances, Terror in the Corn needn’t look back!

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Chris – 7.77/10October 15, 2021
The sets, the ride out, the costuming was all really cool. The thing that really completely sucked …show more and disappointed me severely is the fact you are herded like cattle. Doing it that way takes all the fun out of what’s to come because you already know thanks to the cattle herd way they do it.

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