Team Hauntarama

Team Members

Andrew Montoya (Team Leader), Nikki Montoya

Experience Level: Veteran Team (2018 was their 1st year)

Normal Coverage Area: Denver, Colorado

Andrew Team Hauntarama

Background: Team Hauntarama began in the fertile fields of Terror in the Corn, located in Erie, Colorado, where Andrew and Nikki Montoya first discovered their love for fright and one another!

Since that time, the Montoyas have visited many haunted attractions throughout Colorado, and have become serious about haunting their own home around Halloween.

Nikki has experience working in the theatre and behind the camera, bringing a wealth of know-how and understanding to the finer details of making haunts truly horrifc, while Andrew delights in the gruesome and dreams in horror. Halloween isn’t just once-a-year for Team Hauntarama, it’s a lifestyle!

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