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The Empty Grave is a Haunted Attraction located in Longmont, CO.

218 Kimbark Street, Longmont, CO 80501
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This attraction was reviewed on October 16, 2021 by Team Hauntarama.

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Final Score: 8.69

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After taking a brief hiatus over the 2020 season, the Empty Grave is back this year and better than ever! Once again taking root in Longmont, the Empty Grave found a great location right off of 3rd and Main, sharing space with Wibby Brewing. The new location is a great space for the haunt, near the center of town and overflowing with potential for the future! Not to mention, the old factory provides the perfect space for the haunt’s theme. Get ready for your spine-chilling first day on the job in a factory!

Cast: 9.06

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This year’s cast at the Empty Grave is fairly small but they pack quite the punch! From the moment we passed through the door, steeling ourselves much as one does before entering a new workplace on the first day, we were greeted by scares, jumps, and entertainment. Our factory training was a delightful tour through well-played characters, unique from any of the others and fitting in seamlessly with the theme, decor, and scares. Although there weren’t many actors, not many were needed, as the design of the haunt and the hard-working cast didn’t leave us with any dead zones save the few seconds we would get to catch our breath between scenes, all of which were adorned with lots of eye-catching props.

We truly can’t say enough good about the cast. Talent abounds with dialogue, whether it is well-timed blood-curdling screams and purposeful engagement in some really fun dialogue distracting us enough for another actor to get in position. Our plunger-friendly coworker and the HR lady, in particular, were among some of the most entertaining, interactive actors we’ve encountered at a haunt, improvising with sharp wits and cutting jokes!

Costuming: 8.58

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The costumes at the Empty Grave are well done, but they take a back seat to the amazing masks and makeup throughout the haunt! That being said, the costumes worked well with their simplicity, which was fitting for the haunt’s theme. Most of the cast were either wearing somewhat regular clothing, including the sorts of clothes one would wear while working in a factory or an office setting, but there were also a few creeps with less usual attire, generally appropriate to fade into the background of their scenes. The masks and makeup, on the other hand, were amazing, which is one of the perks of working with a custom prop maker. The owner and operator of Kimbark Cemetery Productions, Josh Randall, is one of the Empty Grave’s partners and cast members, and a longtime haunter who lends his creative talents, intensity, and imposing frame to the haunt. For those folks wanting to take a piece of the haunt home with them, the Empty Grave even sells some of Josh’s custom creations!

Customer Service: 9.41

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The staff at the Empty Grave is tremendous! Haunt owners, Mike and Ramona, operate the haunt themselves, with Mike masterminding the haunt and Ramona keeping the ship afloat, and employing family and friends to help. Given this close-knit group and their obvious passion for making people scream, it comes as no surprise that everyone you encounter will either have a huge smile and be among the friendliest folks you could meet, or they’ll do their best to make you leave a puddle!

The Empty Grave’s website is full of all the information one would want when visiting, including a full FAQ answering most questions one could want, but also providing the haunt’s contact information should you need information that’s not there.

Atmosphere: 8

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The exterior of the haunt would definitely benefit from additional scenery, but there is a large ‘Haunted House’ sign and a few lights to draw attention, along with a large shipping crate that houses the ticket office. There is a lot of open space outside of the haunt to fill, however, as it is a large patio area complete with a small theater and stage on one side which likely added to the sparse appearance outside of the haunt because as you approached, the feel of the decor and creepy lighting improved greatly. The tame exterior of the haunt didn’t prepare us for the explosive energy that waited just on the other side of the door. The real beauty of the exterior of the haunt, though, is in its potential. If the Empty Grave remains in that same spot and is permitted to work their magic in that patio space, the atmosphere outside will undoubtedly match the intensity inside!

Special Effects: 8.75

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One of Mike’s strong suits is setting up the lighting and effects at the Empty Grave so you’re always somewhat disoriented (as many people are on their first days at a new job can identify with). It’s amazing how much can be done with a light strobing in your face or casting dark shadows along your path. The decor at the Empty Grave is also well detailed and just plain cool, and care was taken to incorporate elements of the building, such as large industrial equipment that was creeped out, which really brought the theme to fruition. The sound effects were a bit overpowering in a few areas, somewhat distorting the audio, but otherwise, we truly enjoyed the special effects throughout the Empty Grave!

Theme: 9.16

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As we’ve alluded to a few times, the theme of the Empty Grave is a terrifying factory where you are starting your first day at work. That theme continues through most of the haunt, starting with your meeting of the boss and HR lady then being passed off for training in the factory. Although this is the same theme that the Empty Grave has utilized in the past, it truly shone through in their current location, as it authenticates the theme superbly well!

Scare Factor: 8.88

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Given the passionate cast, great scenery, and the special effects distracting us to set up scares, the Empty Grave was a frightening affair. The lighting and effects combined with their use of space (or creating a lack of) really did a tremendous job of keeping us on our toes so much that we were practically sitting ducks for the cast, with scares coming from unexpected places throughout the haunt. The killing room, in particular, offered a unique experience that’s not often found in haunts, one we’ll let you experience for yourself! One area that would benefit from improvement is the finale, as the haunt sort of simply ended. A stronger finale would have both increased the score for this section but, more importantly, would leave the guests with a great ending to remember!

Entertainment & Value: 8.31

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With a total walkthrough time of about 10 minutes, the Empty Grave makes for a great stop on a night out, and their location makes that a breeze, as Wibby Brewing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to amazing and local restaurants and breweries in the Longmont downtown area. Although the dollar-per-minute is a bit higher at the Empty Grave than some other haunts, the Empty Grave offers guests a great photo op alongside their custom hearse at no extra cost.

All said, the Empty Grave provides an undeniably good time at a good price, and free from the crushing crowds and conga lines found at larger haunts. Make plans to visit today, and don’t forget your hairnet!

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Ivona Elenton – 10/10October 28, 2022
This is a creative, fun, and scream-worthy haunt, we had so much fun, and the environments are to …show more die for (haha). Great acting, great ambiance in the old Butterball factory, great story and props!

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