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The Terror Street Fair is a Haunted Attraction located in Federal Heights, CO.

2125 West 90th Avenue, Federal Heights, CO 80260
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Free Parking, You will NOT be touched, Original Characters, Uncovered Outdoor Waiting Line, All-Indoor Attraction, Family Friendly

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This attraction was reviewed on October 19, 2018 by Team Hauntarama.

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Final Score: 7.54

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The Terror Street Fair, a home haunt that brings the horror to Federal Heights, located right across from the Water World parking lot, and visible from West 90th Avenue, is just the home haunt you’ve been seeking.

There is no mistaking the location or the love that has gone into crafting the haunt to maximize screams and the haunt’s donations to the Food Bank of the Rockies. For four cans of food, guests are treated to two passes through the attraction, while those waiting their turn can enjoy Terror Street’s viewing Chamber and Portal, which allows patrons to see into a part of the haunt while standing in line. Although much of the Terror Street Fair’s decor comes from recognizable sources, Dave, the owner and operator of the haunt, and his crew consisting of a handful of close family and friends, do a superb job making those familiar faces and forms remarkable!

Cast: 7.64

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The entire cast of the Terror Street Fair consists of about four people: Dave, Megan, his wife, one of his best friends, and his soon-to-be brother-in-law. Each actor was distinct and appropriately placed within the various scenes. With that small of a cast, the Terror Street Fair does a tremendous job, each person playing his or her part with practiced skill and passion. Between Megan manning the entrance and entertaining guests in line with her ethereal affect, and Dave’s absolute passion for pounding fear into patrons passing through, the cast at the Terror Street Fair is terrific!

Costuming: 6.83

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Given the low number of actors, there were only a few costumes to adjudge, but those that there were certainly achieved their intended end. Megan wore a fairly simple but effective black hooded cape, obscuring just enough of her face to heighten the mystery behind her hood, in a great analogy to the curtain she stood before. Meanwhile, the Fair’s resident rookie haunter, Arnold, wore a very high quality mask, which was perfect for his leering jeers at visitors. Dave, however, donned a full costume, consisting of a somewhat standard plague doctor mask and dark cloak, but with gloved hands that glued the look together. The final costume we noted was Dave’s longtime friend, who was also wearing a full costume, dressed as a good quality clown. While there was one additional cast member whose costume made him disappear into the background, we can’t comment on it much, as we didn’t see much of it due to his effectiveness. In any case, the costumes were all appropriate for their locations within the haunt, and clearly assembled with care.

Customer Service: 7.59

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The folks that staff the Terror Street Fair do so out of love for the haunt, the holiday and the horror. That love shines through in droves! As the Fair is a home haunt, guests won’t find a ticket booth, security guards, and staff wandering about all over, but they will find folks who are intent on ensuring a good, safe time for everyone. The crew limits groups to three, as there are some tight twists and turns, but the ground is practically flat throughout, making it fairly accessible to people who may have mobility issues. Locating the event was also a breeze given its fog, lights and location across from Water World. Although there was one section of the haunt that proved quite confusing to navigate, Dave’s watchful eye ensured that we made it through alright.

The only disappointment, albeit minimal, was the difficulty finding information about the attractions hours of operation and other similar information online. While the hours and dates are clearly posted outside of the structure, that is not much help to folks looking to the web for quick information. Nevertheless, Dave and the rest of the Terror Street terrors are available for questions and only continue to up their social media game. It’s no wonder they have 8 years of patronage under their belt.

Atmosphere: 8.4

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The atmosphere at the Terror Street Fair is a combination of family-friendly fun and a heartfelt desire to terrify while serving the community. The front of the haunt boasts a personalized graveyard, complete with custom-made headstones surrounding the viewing Chamber and Portal. The side, featuring the queue line and entrance, offers plenty of additional creepy eye candy, such as a life-sized mummy and a mock gypsy machine as wisps of fog wrap themselves around guests ankles. Once patrons pass through the curtain, though, the atmosphere immediately changes, as unexpected scares come from some of the most unassuming spaces.

It’s easy to forget that the Terror Street Fair is a home haunt, as the energy is as high as some professional haunts. Utilizing both electronic and manual means, and relying on humans and machines, the haunt comes together beautifully. The design of the interior, which allows a single actor to perform multiple scares by merely turning to the side, truly squeezes every last scream out of every inch of the attraction. Dave’s experience as a haunt actor also comes to bear, as even the simplest of things, such as a well-placed strobe light or face, proved to be among the most memorable of the evening.

Special Effects: 7.58

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Although several special effects at the Terror Street Fair weren’t the most original, they were certainly creative and fairly effective. The combined effect of good lighting choices and props was spot on in a few rooms, making even well-known home haunter goodies valuable effects. The timing of the effects throughout the haunt was also almost impeccable, which certainly helped as well. Even the music wafting from the entrance was appropriate for the event, while some of the decor literally stood out. Finally, in a stroke of genius, the Fair provides an actual window for guests outside of the haunt to catch a glimpse of their friends passing through the Chamber and getting a scare, which we can personally say was more fun than we expected.

Theme: 5.5

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The theme of the Terror Street Fair is a tad ambiguous. Some elements set the scene for the intended carnival theme, the haunt itself being called Fun House, but the theme seems short lived. It actually consists of a various collection of scenes, yet it all manages to work. Terror Street is also a labor of love and charity, with the Fair having donated over 3000 pounds of canned goods to the Food Bank of the Rockies since it began collecting donations.

Scare Factor: 7.41

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When we first arrived at the haunt, we were behind a large group with several kiddos, ranging from about 2 years old to 10. As they went through in packs of three, emerging just to our left a few minutes later, with nary a tear to be seen, we figured we were in for child’s play. We were mistaken, as the Terror Street Fair combined nice timing and effective effects to make the both of us jump more than once! Terror Street also offered a variety of frights, ranging from tight twists and turns, to disorientation, saying nothing about the cast’s tremendous effectiveness.

Entertainment & Value: 8.25

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For the cost of four cans, all of which goes to benefit the Food Bank of the Rockies, the Terror Street Fair provides guests with a fun environment, and a great time. With the viewing Chamber and Portal, and Witching Hour Apothecary, the fun doesn’t end when you exit the haunt either. While the line gets longer as the season wears on, especially on Halloween night itself, when they anticipate upwards of 300 visitors, the Terror Street Fair is a fun time for folks of all ages. In fact, we will be returning with our own little ghouls before the season is done!

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