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The Fear Complex is a Haunted Attraction located in Colorado Springs, CO.

2220 E. Bijou Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
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This attraction was reviewed on October 4, 2019 by Team Hauntarama.

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Final Score: 8.8

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For the second year running, Haunted Mines — located just off of Palmer Park Boulevard and Academy Road in Colorado Springs — edged out its sister attraction, Hellscream, on the numbers, but both are spectacular haunts! (Don’t forget to click over for our review of Hellscream after this!) Fortunately, haunt fans can and absolutely should visit both in the same night with the combo ticket, all for one low price.

For the uninitiated, it can be easy to miss the haunt, as the exterior is very understated and not very visible from the street. But once guests enter the courtyard area around the back of the building, the excitement of the haunt permeates the air. With their tickets in hand, hauntgoers are then directed through an elevated dirt pathway that serves as the home for the haunt’s coffin ride (and once served as a live bull riding area in the now defunct Cowboys night club, where at least one bull rider is said to have died). As visitors wind their way through the cordoned pathway, they pass a stage that features live bands on certain nights, the brand new 10 minute interactive Horror Theater that tells one possible tale of the infamous Dr. Von Helton (of Hellscream fame), a five-minute escape room, and numerous well-done photo op areas. And that’s all before ever reaching the front of the queue line!

Cast: 9.26

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While there is no shortage of various scares at Haunted Mines, the tremendous cast is responsible for really creating a memorable experience. As we stood just outside the haunt’s entrance awaiting out turn, the late Mrs. Von Helton took an interest in our group, stopping to stare through our souls, as though both puzzled and angered at our presence, before disappearing around a dark corner into the labyrinthian mines. Once we were allowed to pass, I kept watch for her, anticipating seeing her for a simple jump scare around that same dark corner, but she had disappeared… for now. As we continued along, finding a host of the undead amused at our forthcoming demise, warning us from continuing, or simply seething at our objectionable presence, the tension built until we entered the mine shaft elevator, manned by evil incarnate. As the elevator bumped along down the shaft, the horrifyingly horned creature leapt at us repeatedly before retreating into his corner, seemingly struggling to keep his murderous impulses in check. When the elevator door opened, we were summarily kicked out to fend for ourselves among the mine’s multiple inhabitants.

Continuing along, we were again greeted by Mrs. Von Helton’s icy glare, time after time, as she would watch us leave one room only to appear in another just ahead of where we just left her. The overall impression of her always being one step ahead was that she truly was a ghost appearing at her leisure to study and enjoy her newest playthings. While being haunted by Mrs. Von Helton, we also discovered another fantastic phantasm in the form of a fun, arachnophilic fiend who also stalked us through the mine, also always appearing again after we’d just left her in an earlier room. Sincerely, the number of times that we would enter a room only to see one of the two wraiths waiting for us was nothing short of remarkable.

The rest of the cast also did a great job filling their roles, following us from place to place within their scenes, delivering unique or witty lines with ease, and enlivening the multiple rooms and paths through the mines. Although not technically part of the cast, the Haunted Mines crew did such a great job with costuming and make-up, quality mannequins and placement that we were often unable to tell whether the thing lurking in a dark corner was an actor, animatronic or dummy until after we’d walked by. To put it as simply as possible, the Haunted Mines cast is top notch!

Costuming: 9.36

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The costuming at Haunted Mines is about as good as it gets! The masks, make-up, prosthetics and attire all fit the various areas within the haunt in which they appear. For instance, ghostly miners appear on many of the craggy paths, and clowns crowded around their fluorescent font. Overall, the quality of the costuming was extremely high, which allowed it to blend into the also high quality decor. The level of detail in many of the costumes ensured that none of them were out of place or otherwise left wanting.

Customer Service: 8.66

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As with the cast, the customer service personnel at Haunted Mines is wonderful. Everyone was friendly, welcoming and helpful, going out of their way to make sure we had a great experience. Given Haunted Mine’s social media, regular media and general internet presence, there were no problems gathering any necessary information. Although there were a few spots within the Haunted Theater walkway that caused us to stumble as we entered and exited, the potential tripping hazards inside the haunt were adequately marked even for the most terrified guests.


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Special Effects: 9.15

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Beginning with the coffin ride, through the interactive Haunted Theater, and into the mines themselves, the tech at Haunted Mines is awesome. The animatronics are interspersed with the actors to create effective scares, and they looked great. One animatronic in particular, which we have encountered in several other haunts, in fact, was executed so well that it caused quite the stir to one of our seasoned haunt reviewers. Another feature that deserves accolades is the 3D black light clown area, where glasses are passed out at the beginning and collected at the end, but put to great use in the meantime where guests pass through a dizzying swirl of color and movement made all the more maniacal by the 3D effect. Numerous other large and small special effects also fill the haunt — sparking lines, pneumatic puffs, narrow passages and unstable purchase — all enhance the experience amazingly well.

Theme: N/A

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Scare Factor: 8.61

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Though there are parts of Haunted Mines that are more fun than fright, the entire attraction is enrapturing such that it is easy to lose one’s self from moment to moment. Between taking in all of the scenery, enjoying the stories and characters, and watching the interaction between cast and fans, there is plenty of opportunity for scares. Indeed, although it’s rare to make some team members physically react to a scare, we were made to jump more than once.

Unfortunately, the end of Haunted Mines is a bit immemorable. We were not left with a lasting impression, as the finale was over with before it began, but the group that followed us seemed to be quite scared, dashing from the door as fast as they could. With as dedicated as the Haunted Mines creators are to wringing out new scares year to year, however, the finale certainly showed improvement from last year: less empty space and more macabre twists!

Entertainment & Value: 8.51

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Despite being one of the premiere haunts in the nation, Haunted Mines keeps its rates very reasonable, with a general admission price of $22.00. The real savings, though are in the combo pass for just $36.00, which grants access to both Haunted Mines and its sister attraction just down the road, Hellscream! For those low prices, haunt fans get an evening’s worth of entertainment, complete with a pizza coupon to boot. Although Hellscream has claimed the crown of fan-selected top haunt in Colorado for two years running, Haunted Mines once again claims this review team’s favor. In any case, make sure you don’t miss out on both this season!

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