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Terror Manor is a Haunted Attraction located in Roanoke, VA.

805 Norfolk Avenue SW, Roanoke, VA 24016
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This attraction was reviewed on September 25, 2020 by Team Hellhounds.

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Final Score: 8.7

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Once again, we disobeyed our parents, went against all that was taught, threw all warnings out the window and traveled down to Terror Manor in downtown Roanoke, VA. Why? That is a good question we are still pondering ourselves. Maybe, just maybe, one day we will listen to our minds and not our hearts. Until then, we will throw ourselves into blood-curdling screams, clown infested torture chambers, electrified holding cells, and whatever else this fear-inducing haunt can throw at us. We do mean that in a literal sense as well. So, it would be a good idea to watch your back’no wait’your front, ah, just forget it. All hope is lost when you enter the nightmare collective of Terror Manor.

Cast: 8.69

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This year, we had the pleasure of falling victim to upwards of 70 actors. There may have been more, may have been less. Who can keep count when your heart is thumping 200 beats per minute as you race to escape certain amputation? None the less, when it comes to actors/actresses (no assuming here), this haunt never fails to provide a fantastic and plentiful crew. It appears as they all would die for what they do. Maybe kill is the more appropriate term here. We witnessed some familiar faces, and new characters as well. For many, it would be hard to distinguish the newbies from veteran haunters, as they all put forth their best. Some have a few kinks to work out such as timing, scare tactics, language, improv, but it will all come with time and practice. We also went on opening night, and I know nerves were in abundance for many.

We had a rather entertaining moment with one of the characters while in line waiting to go inside the haunt. Through a trap door, this plague doctor barged through right into our personal bubble (mind you, maintaining a staggering 6′ distance) and stopped at warp speed. Just standing, staring quite callously at me. I felt as though a hole had been burned straight through my entire body. When all of a sudden, they looked me up and down, gave a smirk and giggle, and walked away. It was as if they said ha-ha, my mask is bigger than yours! We weren’t sure whether to laugh or hold our heads down in shame.

Want to know who else we were a fan of tonight? Nobody’the clown. One of the most interactive and engaging clowns we have encountered. He did not mind dishing out some insolent and cheeky remarks, especially when replying to the ones we gave him. He was a lot of fun to talk and joke around with. Just be careful if you happen to catch him in the schoolhouse. He takes his learning very seriously! Beetlejuice returned this year and is always a fan favorite. Be on the lookout out to catch him outside, and you may be lucky enough to pet his snake.

The cast here gives it their all and then some. We are always thrilled to visit and see the new and returning faces, watching them grow each year. Kudos to all of you!

Costuming: 8.91

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Going into this year, we were all scared how this category would affect haunts. When thinking about it, COVID has changed almost every industry and haunts are no exception. Having to adjust to ever-changing policies and procedures, it’s mindboggling how they can do it. Well, Terror Manor executed it scary good. They utilized everything they could to bring you the detail you have come to worship here. The way the masks and make-up were applied, it was hard to distinguish either. Not that we were able to spend much time scrutinizing them before rushing off into our next nightmare.

Clothing, as usual, matched almost perfectly to the ‘idea’ behind the character. Jeans, t-shirts, and other casual wear was not noticed on our trip. This really gives us a sense of the time and effort put into this attraction.

Candy, we still noticed you the very second we saw you. Just one of those people that leaves a lasting impression, I guess.

Customer Service: 9.17

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Terror Manor is located in the same building as last year. Using a GPS, it will take you straight to the haunt. Just be sure to pay attention. It will try to lead you to the entrance, but part of the street is blocked off to cars for victims to buy tickets, meander around, and wait for their time to head inside. Plenty of street parking is available along with a garage around the corner. Once you arrive, you will know you are there. We were sad to not be greeted by the clown we dubbed ‘squirt’ last season. I am not entirely upset. He gave me hell the entire time.

Upon entering, you will be searched. Well, that is by a metal detector. I still remember the frisking from last year. By the way, still waiting for that dinner you owe me and yes, that is still just my phone! Shake my head. Security is very important to this haunt, and something we all welcome in this day and time. From what I have been able to gather, they are still one of only three ADA compliant and approved haunted attractions in Virginia. This is a fantastic accomplishment for them, and I am proud to have them in my hometown! Now, if I can only convince my mom to go. I promised I would speed her through like she had a rocket blaster on her wheelchair.

If you have ever been here, then you know to expect nothing less than the best service possible. Everyone is super friendly, caring, and attentive. Unless you ask the clowns a question. Why is it they can never stop joking? They will, however, answer your question in time and more than likely in a riddle. Hey, just look at it this way, it will help to keep your brain strong and mind sharp.

Facebook can provide a lot of details on this haunt. Just about anything you will need to know. Tickets and more information can be found on their website.

Terror Manor has taken the new COVID virus and everyone’s safety to heart. Security outside the haunt enforced patrons to wear masks and stand in their 6′ box marked on the ground. We were very pleased to see them not only try to help stop the spread but to actually enforce their policies. Temperature checks are given to the actors and any helpers, but the public did not have to participate in this action. Hand sanitizer was provided throughout the haunt and as patrons, we were told to use it multiple times. Beware the devil’s love juice * wink wink. *

Atmosphere: 8.2

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The atmosphere here provides a creepy feeling that makes you wonder if you should go in or not. Looking at the building while waiting provides more than enough to get your imagination going. Outside, you will find characters roaming around ready to invade any personal space you thought you had. And if you get that feeling someone is behind you, you’re probably right. Those twins’sure do know how to sneak up on you. When the weather is nice, they have bands playing on a stage and vendors sitting up in a courtyard style area. There’s plenty of room to stroll around and hang out with your friends. Better do it now, don’t know how long you will have them in the haunt.

The only criticism we have here, just wish they maybe had some games or concessions set up. Perhaps something to add a bit of interactivity while waiting.

Special Effects: 8.57

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I am pleased to see that Terror Manor added some elements that we suggested in our review last year. I cannot say for sure we are the reason (man I really want to toot my own horn though) for this, but it was a welcomed sight. More of your senses will be activated this year throughout the attraction. Lighting seemed to have been ramped up this year. Lasers created a neat effect and distraction. Be careful when you let your guard down! Fog machines are in use and cleverly placed. Your nose will get quite the thrill this year and your balance will be tested.

Now, this is still an actor-driven haunt. Not many animatronics are used. To many, this is a good thing. To some, the scares may become monotonous. Just remember, you never know where an actor is. Do not get comfortable, you will probably regret it.

The detail in all the scenes is over the top. When designing each room, we believe every square inch was meticulously drawn up before the building ever began. From the paint and techniques used, to all the props and minor details put throughout. A lot of time and effort was spent to make it feel real and believable.

Overall, we are pleased with the added special effects this year. One scene, in particular, was quite marvelous and startling. I didn’t think I was going to make it across the room without falling. You will know exactly which one I am referring to if you dare to go.

Theme: N/A

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Terror Manor does not have what we would call a theme. However, what they do have is a significant amount of rooms that will bring to life your worse nightmares. If you’re scared of it in your dreams, you will more than likely experience it in the ‘nightmare collective.’

Scare Factor: 8.33

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The almighty, the big kahuna, the prize possessed question. WAS IT SCARY? There is only one thing we can say, and that is yes! We jumped and were startled more than last year. We believe this is due to the placements of actors throughout. It is more well thought out and planning paid off. While we may have been able to predict one to two scares, and seen one or two actors before intended, it is a major improvement over last year! I’m still not convinced they don’t come up out of the concrete floor or repel down from the ceiling. Shoot, at this point, materializing out of thin air does not seem out of the realm of possibilities. They deserve a round of applause here!

This haunted attraction gets better year after year. And if they can keep the same crew, I expect it to! The new actors have a great team to learn from and we look forward to what they will bring to the table next year. Let’s just hope it is not one of us.

Entertainment & Value: 9.02

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Again, this year, we feel the haunt and experience is worth every penny. If you just take the sheer size into consideration, it is worth it. There is so much to see, and the detail is impeccable. Our minutes to dollar ration was a bit smaller this year, but this is due to the fact we had another group rushing us through this year. Although every precaution was taken to provide a 6′ distance, the group who started way behind us, pretty much ran through the haunt and caught up with us. Thus, forcing us to move faster. For some reason, I think they were trying to use us as safety. They would not move past us even though we offered multiple times to let them go in front.

All in all, this is an awesome haunt who has improved and grown over the last year! It is well worth the visit and we hope you go to experience the ‘Nightmare Collective!’

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