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118 W Spring Street, Titusville, PA 16354
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This attraction was reviewed on July 14, 2019 by Team Houdini.

Final Score: 8.83


Team Houdini was invited to experience two escape rooms at Unlock the Adventure Escape Experience located in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Unlock the Adventure opened almost a year ago and offers two challenging multi-room escape rooms with a third on the way.

Unlock the Adventure offers The Magician’s Secret, a magic-themed escape experience and Escape the Manor, a haunted house-themed experience. Unlike other escape rooms, Unlock the Adventure is an ‘escape experience’ as your goal is to locate an item or items and not to just simply escape. This offers a unique twist on this ever-growing activity.

For this review, we are exploring the Magician’s Secret. Also check out our review for Escape the Manor.

Unlock the Adventure provides a mix of first and second generation locks and puzzles. The owners work diligently to provide unique puzzles, theatrical effects, and surprises to fit each theme. Even though they are newer to the game and a small business, they could go toe to toe with the some of the big budget escape rooms we’ve experienced.

Atmosphere & Customer Service: 8.45

Unlock the Adventure was easy to find using Google maps and GPS. It is located in a quaint little store front area in Titusville. There is signage above the store front as well as their logo and name in the window of the lobby. Parking is located along the street.

The lobby was neat and professional with plenty of seating. The counter is set up with the usual waivers to sign. Water bottles were also offered, if needed. There were no puzzles or pre-games to help stimulate our brains before entering. We were greeted by one of the owners and his associates who were all very friendly and passionate about escape rooms. A staff member explained the rules and additional details that were beneficial to attempting The Magician’s Secret. After the rules were given, we were ushered through a curtain to a long hallway which led to the escape rooms and the restrooms (which were also neat and clean.)

Immersion: 8.9

Once we entered The Magician’s Secret, a recording explained the story and goal of the room. The Magician’s Secret is set in a magician’s refuge.

This style of game was a first for Team Houdini Escape as the Adventure offered a different take on the clue system. They offer unlimited clues, therefore placing the difficulty factor in the hands of the players. Clues are provided through a walkie-talkie that also provides a flashlight, which is very beneficial and I wish more rooms would provide. The game master gave clues to assist with puzzles as requested, but kept them vague enough to still provide a challenge.

After we learned about our mission, we looked around the room which was stocked with magic paraphernalia. Famous magician’s graced the dark walls, magic tricks were spread throughout and books of magic filled the book shelves. Don’t blink or you may miss some real magic! The room felt natural and pays homage to classic magic.

A whimsical soundtrack filled the air. As the game progressed, the music increased in intensity and added more tension to the game.

This is not the first time we experienced a magic-themed room. However, it was well designed and felt original, with unique quarries and a fun climax.

Gameplay: 8.95

Although the creators have an abundance of varying locks, they did an excellent job of creating unique puzzles to determine the codes or find the keys to unlock them. The puzzles are very collaborative, thus providing a good mix as some puzzles required a more hands-on approach. Attention to detail and the usual communication are a must.

There were no countdown timers in the room. The time remaining was provided through the audio system by the same voice as the original narrator. Every ten minutes, an update was provided of the time left, even down to the last minute. This felt like a good fit for this particular room.

Entertainment & Value: 9

With some help, we were able to complete the room. It was a challenging and enjoyable room. The Magician’s Secret offered a good room design and stimulating puzzles. Unlock the Adventure is definitely a valid contender in the escape room business.

The cost was $25.00 per person for up to 8 people, which is below average for most escape rooms in the area.

As unlimited clues are provided it is difficult to provide an escape rate. However, The Magician’s Secret is considered their easier room. Overall, we found it to be a challenging room, even for advanced escapees. The variety of locks and puzzles provided a good foundation for new escapers as well. Albeit having a smaller area and smaller budget compared to bigger escape room businesses, Unlock the Adventure utilized their space well and provided high-quality effects and great imagination. There’s a lot of potential here and we can’t wait to visit more of their rooms. Will their second room (‘Escape the Manor’) be as impressive? Check out our review here.

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