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This attraction was reviewed on July 21, 2019 by Team Houdini.

Final Score: 9.8


It has been well over a year since we visited Enter the Imaginarium and experienced two of their multi-room attractions, The Inventor’s Paradox and Chamber of Illusions. Both scored at the top of our escape room reviews, so we jumped at the opportunity to return for their third room, The Search for Leviathan. We were highly anticipating their third room since we were informed they were working on it a year ago.

Enter the Imaginarum’s escape rooms offer a mix of first-generation (basic locks and puzzles) and second-generation tactics (advanced puzzles using computers and advanced technology). Theatrically designed and well-executed, they offer some of the best rooms we have experienced.

The Search for Leviathan was a design and build collaboration with Anton Miriello (Mr. Arm) of Trundle Manor and Bricolage Production Company, an immersive theater experience in downtown PGH.

Atmosphere & Customer Service: 9.52

We had no trouble finding Enter The Imaginarium using Google Maps on our GPS. Enter the Imaginarium is located in the heart of Harmarville, in an old night club. It is difficult to see from the main road as it sits behind a few buildings. There is a sign on the corner with the name and logo which is a picture of a brain. The building has a quiet, industrial look, with only a small awning with the name listed on it. Although plain, the lack of d������cor adds to the mystery of what is to come.

The glass doors were blacked out, providing no clue of what was inside. The doors were locked and we had to ring the doorbell for entrance. The ominous voice was back and instructed us to enter. As we opened the door, we arrived in what I would refer to as a pre-lobby. Not much has changed here in the past 16 months, but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. There were no pre-game puzzles, no fancy chairs, no pictures or posters… all mystery. Black benches, walls, and the view of each other’s puzzled faces is what you will have to look at. After a minute or so, the ominous voice returned and instructed us on what to do next. Surprisingly, it was different than our last adventure. All we have to say is, be prepared. After the waivers were signed, we were directed to enter. This is where the Imaginarium started to reveal itself.

Upon opening the doors from the pre-lobby of nothing, we returned to a familiar scene: a step back in time to the early 1900’s. The motif was antique, and our game master was waiting in the corridors. She instructed us to use the facilities before we got started (which were clean and neat). She was cold, solemn, and snarky. This time, we had a completely different experience in this section as we were the ‘chosen ones.’ The additional change, special effects and theatrics were much appreciated.

Immersion: 9.9

The newest multi-room experience, The Search for Leviathan, is an underwater, nautical, sci-fi adventure. The sets are huge, feeling as if you stepped onto a movie set – each part is meticulously detailed to fit the theme. Everything flowed exceptionally well – no pun intended. There are so many things that can be discussed; however, too much detail will definitely spoil the surprises. Creative ingenuity is what the Imaginarium provides, and the amount of detail is top notch!

These areas are not just decorated or detailed rooms, but they are completely immersive scenes. You will not be just in a room that’s decorated nautically; you will be in a vessel, on your way to a deep sea voyage.

The Imaginarium once again produced a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. The game master provided a little detail before entering the room, though she did not provide directions on how to contact them for questions. The story unfolds via the puzzles and auditory information as you progress. The music and sound effects playing in the background fit the theme well and changed throughout our exploration. Lighting was well utilized in many fashions, keeping everything as realistic as possible. They also perform an amazing trick! We had only seen something similar to this once before, but this iteration was very impressive.

Gameplay: 9.78

The Search for Leviathan is not all aesthetics. It offers varying puzzles – some that are completely new and some we have seen before – but all are distinct to the plot of the room.

The puzzles changed throughout the rooms. Some were focused on technology and some were more archaeologically based. We must admit that they were all difficult. In fact, this is the most difficult room we have experienced, and it required everyone’s knowledge and attention.

Some puzzles required everyone to work together as others could be worked on in groups or individually. The game master helped in our journey, providing clues and riddles along the way to guide us in the right direction without giving away the answers.

This room follows the same time-tracking as the other rooms at Imaginarium. We received time updates at the 30-minute, 15-minute and 5-minute marks. This is not uncommon as we’ve experienced other venues that have done the same.

Entertainment & Value: 10

For the third time, The Imaginarium has got the best of us, and also provided an incredible journey – a totally-immersive experience with one-of-a-kind sets, high-quality effects, distinctive storytelling and awesome surprises.

The cost is $31.99 per person for up to 10 people and a minimum of 4. This is about two dollars above average, but this is far above your average escape room.

At a success rate of 18%, it has proven to be one of the most challenging and original rooms we have experienced. All three rooms are a must-see.

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