2021 Guide to Haunted Houses in Alabama

2021 Guide to Haunted Houses in Alabama legend

Did you know that Alabama has 41 haunted house attractions listed for the 2021 Halloween haunt season!? Some of them may be located closer to you than you think…

This article is intended to serve as a guide to Alabama haunted houses, and what types of haunts you can expect to find across the State.

Below, we’ll break down what types of haunts you can find, ranging from spooky hayrides and terrifying trail walks to creepy home haunts and multi-attraction scream parks. We’ll also discuss where in Alabama some of the most popular haunted houses are located!

The following list totals up each type of haunt in Alabama, based on how they are listed on our website:

Fun Fact:

The city with the most haunted attractions / surrounding haunts is Birmingham, AL

Each year, we search the internet to find out what these haunts are up to during the off-season. During our 2021 update session for Alabama, 4 haunts’ information was updated, 2 were removed (for various reasons) and 2 haunts were added to the Alabama Haunted House Directory.

The following are some of the most popular haunted attractions** in Alabama, based on our website traffic:

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Atrox Factory

8404 Parkway Drive, Leeds, AL 35094

Atrox Factory Logo


Atrox Factory in Alabama is the Largest Indoor Attraction in the Southeast.

50,000 square feet of Mind Numbing Terror & Over 1/4 Mile of Twisted Hallways and Shocking Surprises.

Each season, Atrox does major refreshment to each scene during the months of January thru September every year. 2021 is no exception…

Each year we get new sets, new characters, new animations and more things to make your bump in the night that much scarier.

If you come every year, great, we thank you. If you haven’t been in a while, come see what’s changed. I bet you’ll be entertained.

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Nightmare at 3008

1731 Decatur Highway, Fultondale, AL 35068

Nightmare at 3008 Logo


First opened in 2012, Nightmare at 3008 is an award winning haunted house in Fultondale, AL known for its chaotic, dark and grungy style.

Our long and twisted indoor and outdoor trails will throw you into the terrifying unknown at every turn.

Take a plunge into the darkness and experience your very own nightmare here at Nightmare at 3008!

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Hellbilly Hollow

425 Shelby County Highway 467, Vincent, AL 35178

Hellbilly Hollow Logo


Hellbilly Hollow is a swamp trail ride, corn maze & haunted house filled with monsters and ghouls!

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Spook Trail

17327 Highway 269, Quinton, AL 35130

Spook Trail Logo


One of Alabama's longest running haunts. Founded in 1989, Spooktrail has been running strong to this date. Over a quarter mile long outdoor MAZE in the WOODS through an old JUNKYARD through twist and turns into the darkness. If you're looking for an extreme adventure into some of the darkest areas of the mind, then we are the place! We try to be a Family Friendly attraction. This means we like to scare the whole family. Some do consider us extreme. We like to keep the tradition of a good old-fashioned Haunt.

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Warehouse 31

3150 Lee Street, Pelham, AL 35124

Warehouse 31 Logo


Prepare yourself for the most intense and frightening night of your life as you make your way through nearly 30,000 square feet of twisting, turning and terrifying horrors.

Warehouse 31 is rated PG-13 for intensity and graphic scenes. It is not recommended for people with heart conditions, who are pregnant, or suffer from intense claustrophobia or anxiety.

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**This information was determined by looking at the haunts’ traffic on our site from the past two years. This is not a top haunts list. The above haunts are listed in no particular order.

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