2021 Guide to Haunted Houses in Idaho

Haunted Houses in Idaho legend

Did you know that Idaho has 20 haunted house attractions listed for the 2021 Halloween haunt season!? Some of them may be located closer to you than you think…

Below, we’ll break down what types of haunts you can choose from, ranging from spooky hayrides and terrifying trail walks to creepy home haunts and multi-attraction scream parks. We’ll also discuss where in Idaho some of the most popular haunted houses are located!

The following list totals up each type of haunt in Idaho, based on how they are listed on our website:

Fun Fact:

The city with the most attractions / surrounding haunts is Idaho Falls, ID.

Each year, we search the internet to find out what these haunts are up to during the off-season. During our 2021 update session for Idaho, 5 haunts’ information was updated, 2 were removed (for various reasons) and no haunts were added to the Idaho Haunted House Directory.

The following are some of the most popular haunted attractions** in Idaho, based on our website traffic:

Hirschis Haunted Hollow

175 North 800 West, Preston, ID 83263

Hirschis Haunted Hollow Logo


Walk through a scary graveyard, insane asylum, see zombies, vampires, clowns, and much more. All money goes to charity.

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Haunted Mansions of Albion

437 East North Street, Albion, ID 83311

Haunted Mansions of Albion Logo


Haunted Mansions of Albion is the largest indoor/outdoor haunted production in the Northwest. This is as real as it gets...genuine, historic, terrifying and entertaining! Bring your friends and brave your way through multiple 100+ year old buildings once known as the Albion State Normal School, an abandoned college campus. Try to navigate through the School of Chaos, the old Steam Plant, the Clown House, the Creature House and haunted Comish Hall! During your visit you'll make your way through multiple levels, tunnels, and corridors of our haunted historic buildings. Not only are the indoor haunts terrifying but you will find your wait in line very entertaining. Come and warm your hands by our burn barrels, snack on the mini doughnuts and enjoy the show!

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Nyahs Haunted Woods

3250 North Eagle Road, Eagle, ID 83616

Nyahs Haunted Woods Logo


Nyah’s Haunted Woods brings your secret fears to life with a blend of a true organic location & your most terrifying nightmares. The inhabiting monsters are the products of the twisted minds of our Haunt Masters. The path covers a vast amount of farm land out at Twin Oaks Farms, with a giant pyramid at the center. Among the many elements there is featured a Living Haunted House, an Actual Graveyard were over 400 poor vagrants were thrown into the mass grave site, and of course Nyah, the 185 year old baby zombie. She may appear to be a child but don’t let that fool your senses. Following her direction, the true nature of her evil intentions are revealed as you make your way through an array of terrors, in the hopes getting away. We cannot guarantee that the psychological effects of your visit will dissipate immediately & with one of the highest scare rating in the valley, we relish the notion.

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Scarywood Haunted Nights

27843 US-95, Athol, ID 83801

Scarywood Haunted Nights Logo


Get ready for a month of screams as the theme park you thought you knew just became the nightmare you'll never forget. As seen on Travel Channel's "Halloween's Scariest Thrills," Scarywood is full of haunted attractions and roaming monsters. Experience 5 haunted attractions, 9 scare zones and most of Silverwood's signature rides in the dark. Try to survive the night because you'll be lucky to make it out alive.

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The Haunted Mill

95 North 2400 East, Teton, ID 83451

The Haunted Mill Logo


The Haunted Mill is the largest attraction of its kind in Eastern Idaho. The setting is an authentic, historic flour mill, which is the scene for many local legends. The mill itself is four levels. You will visit all four levels during your tour, but your tour will not stop at the mill. You will also explore the mill grounds which includes the original log granary, an underground mine, and all the area in between –which includes a wooded area, a maze, a waterfall, a suspension bridge and more. The entire tour will be swarming with monsters and creatures that will make our guests look forward to their nightmares. Typically, the tour takes 45 minutes. The entire tour is included in the price of your admission ticket.

The Haunted Mill invites you to experience the largest and most terrifying attraction in Eastern Idaho for yourself by visiting us during any of our business hours.

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**This information was determined by looking at the haunts’ traffic on our site from the past two years. This is not a top haunts list. The above haunts are listed here in no particular order.

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