2021 Guide to Haunted Houses in Minnesota

Haunted Houses in Minnesota legend

Did you know that Minnesota has 34 haunted house attractions listed for the 2021 Halloween haunt season!? Some of them may be located closer to you than you think…

Below, we’ll break down what types of haunts you can choose from, ranging from spooky hayrides and terrifying trail walks to creepy home haunts and multi-attraction scream parks. We’ll also discuss where in Minnesota some of the most popular haunted houses are located!

The following list totals up each type of haunt in Minnesota, based on how they are listed on our website:

Fun Fact:

The city with the most attractions / surrounding haunts is Minneapolis, MN.

Each year, we search the internet to find out what these haunts are up to during the off-season. During our 2021 update session for Minnesota, 5 haunts’ information was updated, 6 were removed and 1 haunt was added to the Minnesota Haunted House Directory.

The following are some of the most popular haunted attractions** in Minnesota, based on our website traffic:

Haunted Woods

11488 Co Rd 109, Red Lake Falls, MN 56750

Haunted Woods Logo


Locally owned and operated in small town Minnesota,
The Haunted Woods is more than a business; it's family.
With most of the actors being friends and family members,
you can rest assured that our staff is dedicated to making your experience safe, fun, and most importantly, memorable.

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Scream Town

7410 US-212, Chaska, MN 55318

Scream Town Logo


Scream Town is one of Minnesota’s best haunted attractions. It is also one of the largest haunted houses in MN. It has hayride like experiences, but with haunted walking trails. It is easily the scariest haunted House in Minnesota. It is a must see Haunted Attraction if you are in the Minneapolis area.

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The Dead End Hayride

28186 Kettle River Blvd N, Wyoming, MN 55092

The Dead End Hayride Logo


In the crisp autumn evenings, something evil descends upon and blankets the otherwise peaceful woods of Pinehaven Farm. We welcome you to venture into the darkness on our hayride wagons. You will witness unspeakable horrors and terrifying scenes! You will be subjected to cryogenic blasts, explosions, and over-the-top pyrotechnics. You will be mauled by horrific creatures and their converts whom have taken refuge in these woods.

Survivors of this journey who wish to delve deeper into the horror will be dropped off at the Sunnyvale Asylum to make their way on foot. Within the asylum, you will meet our expert medical staff who work tirelessly to ease the afflictions of previous guests who seem to have found the experience to be overwhelming and perhaps a bit too much. Provided that you are allowed to exit the asylum, you will pass through the asylum’s garden of souls which is the final resting place of those that the asylum was unable to assist.

As you make your way through the woods you will likely encounter countless characters who have taken refuge within the woods and are taking advantage of the seemingly endless supply of bodies produced by the asylum, or escapees seeking refuge within the concealment of the woods.

You may even come to find that your own sense of reality is slipping away as some of your greatest fears play out in front of you and perhaps even grab, and pull you in to join them.

Provided that you retain your composure and find your way out of the woods, you are welcome to check into the Pinehaven Motor Inn for an undoubtedly well-earned rest. Please be cautious as to whom you associate with during your stay, as the character of our clientele seems to have been slipping lately. During your stay, please do not venture behind the motel since there are some unsavory neighbors in the corn field and abandoned sewer system which we have been trying to have evicted. It has also been reported that some of the terrifying clowns that have been terrorizing our inner cities and wooded areas have established some sort of hive within the cornfield behind the Inn.

We hope that you enjoy your adventure into the Ultimate Horror Experience that is the Dead End Hayride and wish you luck on your journey.

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Ringlers House on Haunted Hill Haunted Trail

3064 MN-23, Brook Park, MN 55007

Ringlers House on Haunted Hill Haunted Trail Logo


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Molitors Haunted Acres

3571 5th Avenue NE, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

Molitors Haunted Acres Logo


A perilous journey of your deepest fears! The longest running haunted attraction in Minnesota!

It Begins Here...
Molitor’s Haunted Acres is THE scariest plot of land in Central Minnesota, and has been for decades! Ghouls, ghosts and creatures of the night flock to our woods, inhabiting the darkness in every corner. Your haunted experience will take you on a haunted hayride through the Woods of Doom where killers, madmen and your darkest fears come to life. Experience all your favorite classic horror icons on the hayride, along with many others.

The Walk Through Horror...
After the ride of doom, the wagon will drop you off at the Restless Stop. You will continue on foot through “THE SINNER’S DOOR”, assisted by “The Nun” where the pathway will take you to the Haunted House, where the past of the most evil people dwell, make your way thru the rooms of horrors, occupied and waiting for you…you will encounter the things of nightmares as you continue thru the house and thru more structures of destruction on your pathway thru the woods where you will meet up with the undead of Quarry Granite Workers, Madmen, the most horrific evils who consider these woods their home…YOU are the INTRUDER!

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**This information was determined by looking at the haunts’ traffic on our site from the past two years. This is not a top haunts list. The above haunts are listed here in no particular order.

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