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Haunted Grandview Manor

Haunted Grandview Manor is a Haunted Attraction located in Lebanon, ME.


139 T M Wentworth Rd
Lebanon, ME 04027

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Haunted House and Haunted Outdoor Walk


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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 9 out of 10

Typhoon – 9/10 – October 26, 2019
For a place called grandview manor I thought it would be a ground up haunt. Honesty it’s a mix …show more between a trail and a house. There are a few spots here and there that could use more of a sprucing. Make it a bit more of a cohesive house. We got the grave yes,butchers house,the Maine house a random circus, and corn field.

As seen on my blog
Theme: 4/5

Operations: N/A

Um head thers a small issue I had here there where not allot of people that night and honestly it’s a shame. We need people to go here and I say go!!! Give em your money!

Scare factor:4/5
While I wished there where a few more scares there was a bit of dead areas where you where left alone How ever these actors knew how to scare…Twixe did I mentioned that we went in twice. Yeah it was 20 per person and I did buy a T-shirt, …I loved every minute and well the fact some actors change spots and hide very well. The bad scares are few and far between. I told the runner that the chainsaw guy had some off timing. But besides that they got us good!

It’ll take you about 8-10 mins to go through while it is $20 and I know it’s allot to ask for expessaly for a small house. But honestly it’s worth that $20 and then some I say go for it

Overall: 4/5
I enjoyed this house allot better than destination haunt imho. I highly suggest going to this one rather than the other they could use more victims! I give this my awsome sticker of approval!

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