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Freddy's Angels Haunt Review Team

This Team is Inactive / Not* actively reviewing for The Scare Factor.

Team Members: Amanda Hansen (Team Leader and Angel #1), Jenny Ottney (Angel #2), Samantha Mackie (Angel #3), and Kaj Hansen (Freddy).

Experience Level: Apprentice Team (Started Reviewing Haunts in 2022)

Normal Coverage Area: MichiganIndiana

Amanda’s Background: Haunts and spooks have been a hobby/passion of mine for many years, at least since kindergarten. I have been a hired spook at a local haunt, and I currently build a small attraction at our home during the spooky season that the entire neighborhood comes to see. I will typically attend 5-8 haunted attractions annually (aside from pandemic time) as it is one of the many joys I partake in when available. I typically research new animatronics every year just to see what might be hitting the haunted houses that season, so I have an idea ahead of time. I love to see the inner workings of various haunts to get an idea of how they work and why. I am an avid fan of various podcasts for haunts and thrills, murder mysteries, etc. As well as a horror movie snob all year round, I drive my husband crazy as I critique them throughout the movie. I am super excited to be a part of the team and look forward to jumping headfirst into all things haunted.

Jenny’s Background: Jenny has been going to haunted houses ever since she can remember. She enjoys the suspense when going through. Halloween is her favorite Holiday; Nightmare before Christmas is her favorite movie. She loves seeing all the amazing attractions and having a blast visiting them with her besties. Jenny is the clinic lead vet tech at an animal shelter where she saves lives daily. She is a mom to a wonderful daughter and goes all out every Halloween. She would leave decor up all year long if she could!

Samantha’s Background: My name is Sam, and I am a 28-year-old Interior Design student currently working as a bartender at a local restaurant. I enjoy reading and spending days with my corgi/mini-aussie mix, Schmidt. What started my love of anything spooky and horror would have to stem from my birthday since it falls into the beginning of the spooky season. Going to haunted houses was always a fun and available attraction for birthday parties. It then branched as I got older from reading Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark to watching criminal investigation shows to now watching crime documentaries, Bailey Sarian’s YouTube Channel, paranormal movies and shows, and celebrating Spooky Season all year round. I make it a point when the season hits to visit a few haunted houses with friends within the area. The better the design, makeup, and craft that goes into it, the better. Though, even a well-done haunted corn maze can easily become a favorite.

Kaj’s Background: Kaj has always loved the Halloween holiday and the wondrous spookiness that comes with it. He enjoys a good horror movie, even in the off-season, and a good scare. He is Amanda’s teammate/husband when it is time to set up their season display as a laborer, repair man for all animatronics, and support when Amanda loses her mind from the stress. Kaj works as a Quality Engineer, so he is well versed in determining the quality of machinery and design.

As a whole, each person has helped Amanda with their haunted set up at our home and accompanied her to more than a fair number of haunted attractions. Samantha joined her on their adventure to Jackson’s Underworld while she and Jenny scared the ghouls and spooks at US127. Each member brings a unique perspective to the team to give a great overall experience.

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Attractions Reviewed By This Team:

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