Team Enchanted Seance

Team Members: Sam Louden (Team Leader), Josh Roth, and Ethan Anost.

Experience Level: Apprentice Team (Started Reviewing Haunts in 2022)

Normal Coverage Area: IndianaKentuckyOhio

Background: Based out of Northern Kentucky, Team Enchanted Séance consists of three haunt enthusiasts who are eager to participate in all things spooky! Sam, Josh, and Ethan have spent the last eight years of their lives in search of the scariest haunted attractions in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. If not at a haunted house, you can catch this group at an amusement park getting their adrenaline fix or at a thrift shop looking for antique apparel. The team has also participated in a handful of paranormal investigations.

The name Enchanted Séance came from a mixture of Sam’s love for Grimm fairy tales and Josh’s love for witchcraft and magic. Josh, a devout Pagan practitioner for 13 years, also provides educational seminars regarding demonology and spell-casting as well as Tarot and psychic readings.

“Meet us at the cemetery, we’re having a séance!”

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