Team Skelegore

Team Skelegore Halloween Haunted House Review Team

Team Members: Bryan Oates (Team Leader

Bryan Oates clown Team Leader Skelegore Haunted House Reviewer New York

Experience Level: Veteran Team (2020 was their 1st Year)

Normal Coverage Area: New York

Background: By day, Bryan works as an office assistant with the New York Lottery. By night, he turns into a vampire, seeking out the blood of his next victim. Err, maybe not that second part. But he sure loves all things spooky, and creepy!

Bryan has a history in the haunt industry working as an actor. Due to a scheduling conflict, he had to step down from working in haunted houses and found a love for visiting and writing about his experiences.

Bryan’s knowledge and skills of making grown men cry have allowed him to take a closer, more detailed look at the performances from some of the scariest haunted houses in New York State.

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Attractions Reviewed By This Team:

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