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Team Giraffic Shark

Team Giraffic Shark – The Scare Factor’s Florida Halloween Haunted House Review Team

Team Members: Ty Menard (Team Leader), Jen Walton, Josh Frazier & April Trimble

Team Giraffic Shark

Experience Level: Veteran Team (2017 is 1st year)

Normal Coverage Area: Florida

Background: Team Giraffic Shark is based in the Central Florida area with its members being involved in the Theme Park and Entertainment industries. Team Leader Ty is originally from CT. He began his fascination with haunted attractions while working at Six Flags New England throughout college, including a couple seasons of Fright Fest (their haunted event). From there, Ty moved to Orlando where he spent a few years working at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando. Within the past few years, while still enjoying the theme park haunts, Ty and team have spent the Halloween seasons searching out more local haunted attractions to find some hidden gems off the beaten path.

Ty and team have come up with a wish list of haunted attractions throughout the State, stemming into the Southeast and even some nationwide locations as part of a ‘haunted bucket list.’ They are always looking for creative new themes and ideas, departures from the expected, and they are always up for the rare jump scare that makes team leader Ty crumble at the knees and fall to the floor [a true depiction of a job well done]. Keep an eye out for Giraffic Shark… coming to an attraction near you soon!

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