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Below is a list of Halloween haunted house attractions that we have published reviews for! Each of these reviews have been written by our in-house “Scream Teams” and cover a variety of topics, ranging from Cast and Costuming to Special Effects, Customer Service and, of course, Scare Factor! Simply click on a haunt’s Name to view their most recent review, or click on one of their older reviews to see how they’ve changed over the years.

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Fear Forest VA Review

Fear Forest VA

6340 Oak Shade Road, Harrisonburg, VA

Where only the trees can hear you scream!

Score: 9.2 | Mins./$: 2.28

Archives: [2019]

Scores From Latest Review:

Cast: 9.48

Costuming: 9.31

Customer Service: 9.08


Special Effects: 9.35

Scare Factor: 9.16

Entertainment & Value: 8.85

Frightmare Review


1905 South Military Hwy, Chesapeake, VA

All new each year!

Score: 7.77 | Mins./$: 0.65

Archives: [2019]

Scores From Latest Review:

Cast: 8.05

Costuming: 7.98

Customer Service: 9.31


Special Effects: 8.25

Scare Factor: 8.09

Entertainment & Value: 6.91

Haunted Hollow VA Review

Haunted Hollow VA

8275 Maple Tree Lane, Warrenton, VA

Score: 7.31 | Mins./$: 1.5

Archives: [2020]

Scores From Latest Review:

Cast: 7.93

Costuming: 7.5

Customer Service: 8


Special Effects: 7.05

Scare Factor: 7.35

Entertainment & Value: 6.78

Helheim Haunted Attraction Review

Helheim Haunted Attraction

3081 Chapman Road, Wytheville, VA

Putting the EVIL in WYTHEVILLE

Score: 8.7 | Mins./$: 1.18

Archives: [2020][2019]

Scores From Latest Review:

Cast: 8.68

Costuming: 8.94

Customer Service: 9.57


Special Effects: 8.78

Scare Factor: 8.64

Entertainment & Value: 8.46

Hexed Haunted Attraction Review

Hexed Haunted Attraction

2059 Burkette Road, Elliston, VA

Come Visit Hexed, If You Dare

Score: 8.53 | Mins./$: 1.85

Archives: [2019]

Scores From Latest Review:

Cast: 9.28

Costuming: 9.08

Customer Service: 8.4


Special Effects: 8.09

Scare Factor: 7.15

Entertainment & Value: 8.9

Howl O Scream VA Review

Howl O Scream VA

1 Busch Gardens Blvd, Williamsburg, VA

What you see… You soon will be

Score: 8.41 | Mins./$: 1.05

Archives: [2017]

Scores From Latest Review:

Cast: 7.79

Costuming: 8

Customer Service: 8.25


Special Effects: 8.58

Scare Factor: 8.1

Entertainment & Value: 9

Nightmare Mansion Review

Nightmare Mansion

2008 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA

The house is alive!

Score: 7.92 | Mins./$: 0.91

Archives: [2019]

Scores From Latest Review:

Cast: 7.1

Costuming: 7.5

Customer Service: 9.38


Special Effects: 8.42

Scare Factor: 8.41

Entertainment & Value: 7.1

RED VEIN Haunted House Review

RED VEIN Haunted House

13580 Ashland Road, Ashland, VA

Score: 9.26 | Mins./$: 1.25

Read [2023] Review

Archives: [2023][2020]

Scores From Latest Review:

Cast: 8.98

Costuming: 9.16

Customer Service: 9.81

Immersion: 9.78

Special Effects: 9.45

Scare Factor: 8.59

Entertainment & Value: 9.69

Terror Manor Review

Terror Manor

805 Norfolk Avenue SW, Roanoke, VA

Score: 8.7 | Mins./$: 1.3

Archives: [2020][2019]

Scores From Latest Review:

Cast: 8.69

Costuming: 8.91

Customer Service: 9.17


Special Effects: 8.57

Scare Factor: 8.33

Entertainment & Value: 9.02

The Nefarious Haunt Experience Review

The Nefarious Haunt Experience

13262 Hanover Courthouse Road, Hanover, VA

Score: 9.41 | Mins./$: 1.5

Read [2023] Review

Archives: [2023]

Scores From Latest Review:

Cast: 9.95

Costuming: 9.79

Customer Service: 9.7

Immersion: 8.38

Special Effects: 9.9

Scare Factor: 9.53

Entertainment & Value: 8.25

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