Team Terror Techies

Team Members: Tiphfennie Yao (Team Leader), Witt Yao & Dan Beuhner

Team Terror Techies

Experience Level: Veteran Team (2020 is 1st Year)

Normal Coverage Area: Washington

Background: Team Terror Techies reign from the Greater Seattle area with each team member working in technology and haunt entertainment industries. (The entertainment industry is a broad spectrum.) As a Team, we are looking to explore the region’s haunts and escape rooms.

Team Terror Techies

Definitely a jack of every trade, Tiphfennie professionally works with computers. She has been involved in the haunt community for over 20 years as a scare actor and management. She grew up in Chicagoland but moved to Seattle in 2011. Quickly, she sought out every creepy spooky thing the Pacific Northwest had to offer. Despite all this, she is the more jumpy one of the bunch.

Team Terror Techies

Game maker by day, scream peddler by night, Witt still has not figured out exactly what it is he does. With over a decade of haunt acting and management experience, he is now looking to find what fun things other haunts are doing across the nation. He enjoys talking shop and has a keen eye for scare engineering.

Team Terror Techies

A full-time software developer and haunted attraction and horror enthusiast, Dan has been visiting various haunted houses in the Puget Sound area since the age of 12. He also has previous experience working as haunted house management. While visiting an attraction, he seeks out how actors work with their environment and at the moment.

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