Clown Invasion at The Haunted Hotel (KY)

Check out Lindsay’s off-season haunt review of the Clown Invasion at The Haunted Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky!

Eat Your Heart Out – American Horrorplex (KY) (2024)

Check out Lindsay’s holiday haunt review of Eat Your Heart out at American Horrorplex in Louisville, Kentucky!

Midsummer Scream Returns to SoCal in 2024!

Calling all Halloween fanatics! Get ready to scream with excitement because Midsummer Scream is back!

Valentine’s Day SUCKS & BITES – The Haunted Hotel (KY) (2024)

Check out Lindsay’s holiday haunt review of Love Sucks & Bites at The Haunted Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky!

Blind Date From Hell – Malice Manor

Check out Lindsay’s holiday haunt review of Blind Date From Hell at Malice Manor in Clarksville, Indiana!

Love is Blind at The Thirteenth Hour Haunted Attraction

Check out Lindsay’s holiday haunt review of Love Is Blind at The Thirteenth Hour in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Valentine's Day Sucks at Necropolis Underground Haunted Attraction 2024

Valentine’s Day SUCKS at Necropolis Underground (2024)

Check out Lindsay’s holiday haunt review of Necropolis Underground Haunted House in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Pantophobia Haunted House 2023 Home Haunt Review

Check out Lindsay’s home haunt review of Pantophobia Haunted House in McCordsville, Indiana!

November 2023 – Team Lone Wolf

What Lurks Within All Hallows Eve’s TERROR TOWN

Check out Lindsay’s Review of All Hallows Eve’s Media Night

August 2023 – Team Lone Wolf

2023 Must-See Haunted Houses

Check out our list of haunts you don’t want to miss during the 2023 scary Halloween season!

August 2023 – Team Zombillies

Spooky Kisses Haunts 2023 Review

Check out our review of the new reality TV show / documentary, Spooky Kisses Haunts

July 2023 – Team Zombillies

Horror Movies Filmed In Haunted Houses

Did you know there are some horror movies out there that were filmed in our favorite spooky attractions? Click here to check them out!

January 2023 – Team Zombillies

Meade Asylum Haunted House

Team Blood Orchid traveled up to Williamsport, Kentucky, earlier this haunt season to visit Meade Asylum Haunted House

November 2022 – Team Blood Orchid

Scariest Haunted Houses for 2022

The Scariest Haunted Houses to Visit for 2022

Looking for the scariest haunted houses to visit for the 2022 Halloween haunt season? Here’s a list of haunts with our highest “Scare Factor” ratings.

October, 2022 – Team Zombillies

Haunted at Mann Farms and Reapers Haunted Attraction: Farm Haunts in British Columbia

Team Terror Techies traveled up to British Columbia earlier in October to visit a few haunts in the area.

– Team Terror Techies, Oct. 2022

Secret Sips at Hush Haunted Attractions | Media Preview

Team Freddy’s Angels checks out HUSH Haunted Attractions’ new secret bars (and new haunts!) on their media preview night for 2022!

-Team Freddy’s Angels, Sep. 2022

The Haunted Road Media Night Preview – Orlando, Florida

Team Floridead checks out The Haunted Road on their media preview night for 2022!

-Team Floridead, Sep. 2022

2022 top 31 haunted houses for halloween

The Top 31 Haunted Houses to Visit in 2022

Are you looking for the biggest, best and scariest haunted houses, haunted trails, hayrides, scream parks, and more? Here’s our list of the top 31 haunted houses to visit in 2022 (based on our 2021 review scores).

-The Scare Factor, Sep. 2022

Spook Show 17: Finally, An Awesome Haunted House Reality TV Show!

Spook Show 17 takes us behind the scenes of The 17th Door Haunted House (Fullerton, CA), reality TV show style! Here’s our review of the show, which is set to air on September 28th, 2022.

-Team Zombillies, Sep. 2022

Media Night Mayhem at All Hallows’ Eve Terror Town

Team Teachers of Terror, Team Zombillies, and Team Enchanted Seance joined the Haunted Honeymooners’ Nick and Suzze as they took on the red bracelet challenge at one of the most extreme haunts in Ohio

-Team Teachers of Terror, Aug. 2022
Eloise Asylum Haunted House Recap

Eloise Asylum Raises Bar for Great Lakes Haunted Houses

Our team doesn’t generally visit many attractions in the state of Michigan. But, when a few avid haunt-visiting folks reached out to us to let us know that Eloise Asylum was an absolute must-see, we had to find out just how good it was for ourselves.

-Team Zombillies, Nov. 2021

Grimsley’s Gorge: Homemade Horrors in Central New York

Grimsley’s Gorge is a FREE Halloween haunted attraction offering spooky fun and frights in Phoenix, New York at the Sweet Memorial Municipal Building.

-Team Skelegore, Nov. 2021
The Scare Factor Podcast Logo

2021 Haunted House Guides by State

Check out our list of Guides for visiting Haunted Houses and Halloween attractions for the 2021 haunt season!

-The Scare Factor, Aug. 2021
Scare Factor HAN Hauntathon

The Scare Factor Joins Forces with Haunted Attraction Network for 2021 Haunt Season Coverage

The Scare Factor has joined forces with the Haunted Attraction Network to provide haunted house coverage for the 2021 Halloween haunt season! #hauntathon

The Scare Factor – Sep. 2021
enigma haunt

Enigma Haunt – A Premier Florida Haunted Attraction – Opening This Halloween Season

Enigma Haunt, the Premier Florida Haunted Attraction, will Open This Halloween Season

The Scare Factor, Aug. 2021
Waverly Hills

The Real Waverly Hills Sanatorium – An Inside Look in 2021

In the South-West corner of Louisville, Kentucky, there’s a secluded and forested hill. It looks quite unsuspecting to drivers on nearby Dixie Highway. But, beyond that lies a particularly-interesting 5-story structure on this unsuspecting hill. That structure has become known as one of the most haunted locations on the planet.

-Team Zombillies, Aug. 2021

The Lizzie Borden House B&B Experience: How Scary Is It?

Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother forty whacks. After she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one. Or so the rhyme goes…

Team Skelegore, Aug. 2021

Join The Scare Factor at FearExpo!

Join The Scare Factor and our Scream Teams at FearExpo; a free virtual trade show and convention for haunted attractions and fans!

-The Scare Factor, Feb. 2021
2020 List of Haunt Openings and Closures for COVID-19

2020 List of Haunt Openings and Closures for COVID-19

This is our ongoing list of confirmed (to date) Halloween haunted house openings and closures due to COVID-19. Check back often, as this list can be updated daily.

The Scare Factor – Originally Published: July 19, 2020

Blind Scream – A Secret Look in 2020

Team In-Corpse-A-Rated received a special invite to view Blind Scream haunted attraction in Santa Rosa, California. Here’s an inside look at what they’ve got planned for next season…

The Louisville Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular – An Inside Look

Take an inside look with us at The Louisville Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular in Louisville, Kentucky!

Team Zombillies Oct. 11, 2019

Evil Intentions unleashes a new level of sinister for the 2019 season!

Exclusive interview with Mike Fitzpatrick owner of Evil Intentions haunted house in Elgin, Illinois

Team White City Devils Oct. 03, 2019

Midnight Terror Haunted House 2019 – A Chicago Legend in the Making!

Exclusive interview with co-owner/actor Justin Cerniuk and actor Ashley Martin

Team White City Devils Sep. 25, 2019

The Scare Factor’s Top 13 Highest Rated Haunts of 2018

This is a list of the top 13 haunted attractions with the overall highest scores out of all the haunts that were reviewed in 2018…

– The Scare Factor – Sep. 12, 2019

Inside Indy Horror Story – Indianapolis’ Newest Haunted Experience for 2019

We had been hearing of a new attraction in Indy where guests would be “immersed” in an “interactive experience.” To us, it sounded like…

– The Scare Factor – Sep. 12, 2019

Oak Lawn’s Midnight Terror Haunted House ranked top 10 haunt in Illinois

The accolades continue to pour in for Midnight Terror Haunted House in Oak Lawn, which opens for its sixth season on September 27.

– The Scare Factor – Sep. 9, 2019

Top 31 Haunted Houses 2019 Badge

Top 31 “Must-See” Haunted Houses for 2019

Wondering who the Top 31 Fan-Voted “Must-See” Haunted Houses are for 2019? Here’s a quick way to find out…

– The Scare Factor – Sep. 3, 2019

2019 Top Must See Haunts Voting Promo Badge

Top “Must-See” Haunted Houses for 2019 Lists – Fan Voting Results

The Fans have Spoken! Here are the results from this summer’s Fan Voting for our Top “Must-See” Haunted Houses poll…

– The Scare Factor – Aug. 6, 2019

Take an Underground Journey Into Lemp Brewery Haunted House

Take an Underground Journey Into Lemp Brewery Haunted House

The Scare Factor – 4/13/2019

Take an underground journey into the Lemp Brewery Haunted House, a top-rated haunt in St. Louis Missouri that is said to be actually haunted!

2019 Haunted House and Escape Room News

cross roads escape games anaheim logo

Popular Los Angeles/Orange County, California Escape Room Brings Out the Crazy in 2019!

2018 Haunted House and Escape Room News

2018 Haunted House Attraction Hayride Corn Reviews

2018 Haunted House Reviews

Midnight Terror Owner Justin Cerniuk Promises Fear Chicago, Illinois

Midnight Terror Owner Justin Cerniuk Promises Fear for Chicago, Illinois

The Scare Factor – 9/9/2018

Co-Owner Justin Cerniuk tells us how Midnight Terror Haunted House achieved success from humble beginnings as a home haunt, as well as his plans for making Oak Lawn (Chicago), Illinois “Experience Fear”…

Top Must-See Haunts 2018

2018’s Top Fan-Voted “Must-See” Haunt Lists

The Scare Factor – 8/2/2018

The fans have spoken! Here are the lists for the Top Fan-Voted “Must-See” Haunts in each State…

2018 Must-See Haunts Voting Results - Week Two

2018 Fan-Voted “Must-See” Haunts Voting Results – Week Two

The Scare Factor – 7/23/2018

Here are the voting results after the second week of our 2018 Fan-Voted “Must-See” Haunts Voting Poll…

2018 Must-See Haunts Voting Results - Week One

2018 Fan-Voted “Must-See” Haunts Voting Results – Week One

The Scare Factor – 7/15/2018

Here are the voting results after the first week of our 2018 Fan-Voted “Must-See” Haunts Voting Poll…

SEHEC Southeast Halloween Enthusiast Convention

2018 SEHEC – Southeast Halloween Enthusiast Convention

The Scare Factor – 7/9/2018

Dr. Terror Eyes gave us the inside scoop on the Southeast Halloween Enthusiast Convention!

Evidence of Evil Haunted Attraction

Evidence of Evil 2018 Pre-Season Interview

Team Old Crow Hollow – 6/1/2018

Team Old Crow Hollow gets the inside scoop on Evidence of Evil’s newest attraction for 2018!

Monster Makeoff Tournament of Talent 2018 The Scare Factor

Monster Makeoff: Tournament of Talent Returns for 2018

The Scare Factor – 4/26/2018

Back by popular demand is the Haunted Hydro’s Monster Makeoff: Tournament of Talent! Bob and Beth Turner (owners, The Haunted Hydro) and Jennifer Hartley (coordinator) have resurrected the event after last year’s massive success.

13 Haunted Houses that are Open for Friday the 13th - April 2018

13 Haunted Houses that are Open for Friday the 13th (April 2018)

The Scare Factor – 4/1/2018

Here’s a list of Haunted Houses that are opening their doors for Friday the 13th!

Official Saw Escape Room Experience

The Official SAW Escape Room Experience

Team Old Crow Hollow – 2/3/2018

Our very own Team Old Crow Hollow interviews Jason Egan, the owner of The Official Saw Escape Room Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2017 Haunted House and Escape Room News

Headless Horseman Mobile Escape Rooms 2017

Headless Horseman Mobile Escape Rooms

Team Old Crow Hollow – 10/17/2017

As if 65 plus creepy acres of wooded farmland, 10 Haunted Attractions, and 3 full escape rooms wasn’t enough, now Headless Horseman Escape Rooms offers two mobile Escape Games.

Evidence of Evil Escape Room 2017

Evidence of Evil 5-Minute Escape Room Challenge

Team Old Crow Hollow – 10/17/2017

So, have you ever thought it would be cool to be in one of those psycho killer horror movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where this insane monster captures and throws you in some horrible little room for you to await your upcoming slaughter?

Vantricity Haunt Tours

Vantricity Haunt Tours – Clio, MI

The Scare Factor – 10/2/2017

Are you looking to do something really cool and unique this Halloween season? Want to impress your date or friends with a “one of a kind” experience when touring haunted houses? Then look no further, as Vantricity Haunt Tours is the only service in the State where you get to ride around in a “zombie van”, driven by a zombie chauffeur, while visiting some of the best haunted attractions in the greater Genesee County.

2017 New Haunted Houses

18 New Haunted Houses for 2017

The Scare Factor – 9/1/2017

Lots of new haunted houses will be opening their doors to the public for the first time this year!

Scare Factor 2017 Top Must See Haunted Houses Lists

Fan-Voted “Must-See” Haunts Lists

The Scare Factor – 8/4/2017

The fans have spoken! Over the past summer, we hosted our second annual “Fan-Voted ‘Must-See’ Haunts” voting poll. To help scare seekers find the biggest, best and scariest haunted attractions in the land, we’ve posted the results here for the world to see!

Voting Updates – 7/22/17

The Scare Factor – 7/18/2017

With one week left before the poll ends, votes for the 2017 Top Fan Voted “Must-See” Haunts Lists are coming in faster than ever before!

Making the Most of your Haunted House Trips This Year

Making the Most of your Haunted House Trips This Year

The Scare Factor – 7/18/2017

Haunted houses are all about the experience. From the wait in line ’till you walk out the exit – and sometimes after – you’re probably going to get pummeled with…

Voting Updates 7/8/17

“Must See” Haunts List Voting Updates – 7-14-17

The Scare Factor – 7/14/2017

We’ve entered the home stretch for the 2017 Top Fan Voted “Must-See” Haunts Lists! Halloween haunt enthusiasts have now placed almost 300 attractions and 27 States in the running…

Voting Updates 7/8/17

“Must See” Haunts List Voting Updates – 7-8-17

The Scare Factor – 7/8/2017

The leaderboards for our 2017 Top Fan Voted “Must-See” Haunts Lists are evolving! We now have 2 more States that have…

Voting Updates July-1-2017

“Must See” Haunts List Voting Updates – 7-1-17

The Scare Factor – 7/1/2017

Quite a bit has changed since our last update! We now have 5 more States eligible for a Top Fan-Voted “Must-See” Haunts List and the number of votes …

Enter the Netherworld

Enter the Netherworld: An Exclusive Interview with Ben Armstrong of Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta, Georgia!

Phantom of the Ville – 7/6/2017

After 21 seasons in Norcross, Netherworld Haunted House will be moving to new location next Halloween. Louisville Halloween got all the latest terrifying news from co-owner, Ben Armstrong.

“Must See” Haunts List Voting Updates – 6-25-17

The Scare Factor – 6/25/2017

Since voting went live a few days ago, haunt enthusiasts have cast THOUSANDS of votes for…

mind of demented genius behind wisconsin fear grounds

Crawl inside the Mind of the Demented Genius behind Wisconsin Fear Grounds!

Phantom of the Ville – 6/21/2017

We interview Tim Gavinksi, the founder and owner of one of America’s Top Haunted Attractions located in Waukesha, Wisconsin!

head inmate asylum columbus scareatorium

Meet the Head Inmate that runs the Asylum at Columbus’ ScareAtorium!

Phantom of the Ville – 6/7/2017

We interview legendary haunt industry icon, Kelly Collins, founder of The ScareAtorium, creator of the 3-Minute Escape Room and Coordinator of the Midwest Haunters Convention Haunted House Bus Tour!

Explore secret Voodoo Makeup Magic 13th Gate

Explore the Secret Voodoo Makeup Magic at The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Phantom of the Ville – 5/20/2017

We interview The 13th Gate’s Makeup Witch Doctor, Blain Quam, to get a behind-the-screams look at the sinister southern culture that haunts both The 13th Gate and Necropolis 13.

Pope Lick Goatman

Goatman: Flesh or Folklore

Phantom of the Ville – 3/13/2017

We interview cryptozoologist and paranormal investigator, J. Nathan Couch, about his thoroughly researched book on the legend of Goatman across the USA and in our own backyard.


Money Back Haunts

Team Zombillies – Mar. 11, 2017

Most of you have probably heard about “the Haunted Hotel with 13 floors that no one has ever made it out of… and if you do… you get all your money back (or an ungodly amount of cash),” right? Well, we have never found it!

2017 Top 14 Scariest Haunted House Videos

Top 14 Scariest Haunted House Videos

Team Zombillies – Mar. 2, 2017

These videos may be too gruesome for some to handle. They contain blood, guts, gore, brutal violence, vulgar language and are some of the scariest haunted house videos we could find.

What Makes a Good Review

What Makes a Good Review?

Team Zombillies – Feb. 11, 2017

The internet has paved the way for anyone to give their $0.02 about something (like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google and Facebook). Because of that, it’s getting hard to weed out the good reviews from the bad ones.

2016 Haunted House and Escape Room News

New Haunted Houses for 2016

New Haunted Houses for 2016

Team Zombillies – Sep. 3, 2016

Here’s our list of New Haunted Houses for the 2016 Haunt Season!

Burnout Lee Drake

Burnout: A Big Problem with a (Not So) Simple Solution

Lee Drake – Sep. 1, 2016

It’s debilitating. It really is. Unfortunately, not a lot of veterans to the haunt industry have ever dealt with it. The truth is, many haunters deal with Burn Out much more often than anyone thinks.

2016 Top 31 Must-See Haunts

Top 31 “Must-See” Haunted House Attractions for 2016

Team Zombillies – Aug. 9, 2016

You, the haunt enthusiasts, submitted over 80,000 votes over the past few months and we’ve finally made heads or tails of it all. The competition was fierce and the going got tough…

Scary Potter Haunt Blog

Scary Potter’s 2015 Top Haunts List

Team Scary Potter and the Hauntwarts Express – Aug. 1, 2016

Oh, ho, ho, we’re back! The 2016 Haunt Season is nearly upon us, but before we run off to bask in the warm, fuzzy chills of this year’s attractions, let’s take a moment to reflect on last year’s stand-out attractions, shall we?

13 Haunted Attractions that are Really Haunted

13 Haunted Attractions that are REALLY Haunted!

Team Zombillies – Apr. 7, 2016

Every avid Halloween enthusiast loves a good scare every once in a while. This list has 13 Halloween haunted attractions with full-time “spooks” that can be more TERRIFYING than any scare-actor!

13 Unique Haunted Houses

13 Unique Haunted Houses

Team Zombillies – Jan. 28, 2016

The first installment in our “13 Haunts” series covers some of the most UNIQUE haunts we could find from across the country!

Best Haunted Houses of 2015

Best Haunted Houses of 2015

Team Zombillies – Feb. 7, 2016

Ever wonder who our “Top Haunts” are? This list contains some of the scariest, most high-tech, unique, creative and thrilling haunted houses our reviewers have seen!

Haunt Blog The Scare Factor Black

Enter Haunt Blog

Team Zombillies – Feb. 3, 2017

This is where we’ll be sharing what we’ve learned from visiting, reviewing and travelling to haunts over the years. Hopefully we can shed some light on things that do and don’t work… both for operating haunted houses as well as visiting them.

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