Team Zombillies

Team Zombillies

Team Members: Nora Proffet (Team Leader) & Tyler Proffet

Team Zombillies

Experience Level: Veteran Team (9th year)

Normal Coverage Area: IndianaKentuckyOhio

Background: Nora and Tyler came to us in 2010 eager to start reviewing and are now the owners of The Scare Factor!

As early as 2011, they started attending conventions like the Midwest Haunter’s Convention (Columbus, OH), HauntCon, and Transworld’s HAA Show (St. Louis, MO).

In addition to being the current owners, they are also the chief editors and website developers for The Scare Factor, all while consistently reviewing over 30 attractions during haunt season each year. Based out of Hanover, IN, they cover most areas of Indiana and Kentucky, as well as portions of South-Western Ohio. They’ve been known to travel as far as Atlanta, GA and Waukesha, WI.

During the day, Nora works in Marketplace Sales for a well-known off-road vehicle parts manufacturer and distributor, which gives her lots of insight into the aspects of maintaining an online presence for business. Tyler has worked in several commercial and industrial maintenance jobs over the years and is also an AWS-certified welder. He currently works in the Operations Department of a coal-fired power plant. His mechanical and fabrication experience gives the team a keen eye for detecting quality craftsmanship. Collectively, they have almost 30 years of experience visiting and analyzing Halloween haunted attractions.

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