Team Jefferson Starship

Team Jefferson Starship

Team Jefferson Starship – The Scare Factor’s South Carolina Halloween Haunted House Review Team

Team Members: Douglas Bramlett (Team Leader), Desi Conrad, & Kristin Raap

Experience Level: Veteran Team (2016 is 1st year)

Normal Coverage Area: South CarolinaNorth Carolina

Team Jefferson Starship

Background: Team Leader Douglas Bramlett (Doug) has been interested in horror and the occult since he was young and got most of his fix through reading and movies.

As he grew up, he visited haunts, but was disappointed in how few there were around him. As an adult, he traveled far and wide to visit the haunts around him until he was given the opportunity to work for one several years ago. The behind-the-scenes experience changed how he thought about haunts and he spent a great deal of time helping his local haunt to improve in various aspects.

But working for a haunt severely limited his time available to go see more and more of them. Thus, he has now turned to being a haunt reviewer so he can visit (and maybe help) even more haunts around him!

Team Jefferson Starship

Team member Kristin Raap has been an avid haunted house visitor for over 20 years, has a few experiences working in houses, and a literature degree with a focus in the horror genre. She has studied the horror genre because Halloween is her favorite holiday. She believes the exploration and experience of horror to be a necessary part of a healthy society as it provides catharsis and community.

Team Jefferson Starship

Team member Desi Conrad has always been a lover of the creepy and macabre, to the point that others find a bit unnerving. She’s been enjoying haunts since the late 80’s and worked in them for 4 years recently. When she’s not being creepy, she’s an artist specializing in body art and she enjoys a plethora of other activities.

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